Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) – Not enough to satisfy the audience

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is a very misleading title. It is derived from the textbook of the Hogwats School, appearing in the first part of The Philosopher’s Stone (2001) of the Harry Potter series. And perhaps, the movie will be more interesting if it’s in the spirit of the book: Talking about strange animals and how to find (or catch) them.

But the latest movie in the Harry Potter universe, the extra-plot taking 70 years before the main event, does not go in that direction. The screen debut in the role of author J. K. Rowling just follow the old formula. The mysterious creatures are sub, in a plot that is politically inclined, though not very impressive. Fantastic Beasts bring the atmosphere of an appendage, that is, it refers to what we love about the original, but not enough to satisfy.

The film follows Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) and his magic suitcase to New York City in 1926. Scamander, of course, is the author of the book that will be included in the Hogwarts textbook. Further information, Scamander’s nephew is the one who will later be married to Luna LoveGood, a beloved female character in Harry Potter universe. Scamander is fascinated by mysterious animals, in the direction of protecting them. He was on his way to bring an endangered animal to a new home in Arizona. However, the situation in New York is not very good for the young man. There is an anti-sorcerer movement of “ordinary people” (No-Maj, the illicit cinema subtitle is “illegitimate”, often interpreted as “illegitimate”), and in addition, the council The witch is also facing dark side facing another mysterious danger.

Fantastic Beasts first got a pretty “fantastic” cast. The Scamander role can be seen as a remedy for Redmayne, who auditioned for Tom Riddle in The Secret Chamber, 2002, but was rejected as soon as he read a line. He is a good actor, without debate, whether or not there is an Oscar with Theory of Everything, 2014. And what makes a good actor is the ability to role play. Only with his acting, Redmayne convinced us that he is Scamander – a peculiar with the infatuation of mysterious creatures. Whenever you look at the beast, the viewer can feel that infatuation. Katherine Waterson plays the female lead Tina, possesses the essence of British essence and plays a natural role. Colin Farrell is a good choice for the villain Graves. Of course, a substantial addition is the young actor Erza Miller, whose inner performance is reminiscent of his role in the adult film The Perk of Being a Wallflower (2014).

There is, if you look at the cast, I wish the story of the Fantastic Beast takes place in England, or at least, some European land. Watching a whole group of British actors in the US scene is quite a blow to the air. The only reason New York was chosen was with the release of Warner Bros. The Americans asked Rowling to write Fantastic Beasts, right after it was released in 2001. And they did not hide their minds. Wishing to create an American witch universe, with the suggestive details of “world number one witch school” in Uncle Sam’s country (I can not remember the name of the school, but listening more often than “Hogwarts” a lot) , And some details as backgrounds. But that is the future.

And at present, the Fantastic Beasts carry in their ambition to expand the existing Harry Potter universe. What makes millions of people around the world enchanted with the witch world? It is the admirable detail of the world, which makes us believe that it is real. The strange animals that appear in the main story are part of this detail. The book Fantastic Beasts has been very successful in its debut, contributing significantly to the depths of the witch world. The amazing imagination of Rowling was given the opportunity to develop. In the name of Scamander, she has created a vast volume of information about animals, identities, habitats, habits, and so on. It’s a textbook that everyone wants to read.

The appeal of this film, which only comes from the animals, is realized by computer graphics. There was a scene in the suitcase, giving the feeling that we all felt when we first read Harry Potter: I wish I was there! There is an abundance and interesting about the mysterious creatures in Fantastic Beasts, enough to draw attention to the viewer. However, it is hard to say that the CGI section is really good, at least compared to the Jungle Book earlier this year. The animals are also far removed from the main plot, with no obvious interaction or character to care for (except for the platypus with Doraemon’s bag). They are side dishes while they should be main dishes.

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