True art cinema is always Canne’s destination

The world has never stopped conflict, war. But the world has never stopped taking care of its soul with art. In particular, cinema is still the youngest art but has a strong voice, it has brought many emotions and brought closer than any other arts thanks to visual interaction.

That’s why the annual film festivals are still organized like a playground to assess and introduce what cinema has done in the past year in a certain framework. To reschedule, the film-making and movie-loving world are welcoming to the Academy Awards (Oscar), Venice Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Moscow Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Film Festival Raindance … among them, Cannes is one of the famous film festivals. The best price of the movie world. Opening and ending in May (this year Cannes Film Festival will open on Wednesday, 14.05 means tomorrow from the time this article is aired), Cannes promises to bring a pure and technology-rich cinema. more arts than any other festival.
“In the late 1930s, discontent with the intervention of the German and Italian fascist governments on the selection of films from the Venice Film Festival (Mostra de Venise), Émile Vuillermoz and René Jeanne made a proposal to Jean. Zay, Minister of Communications and Art (ministre de l’Instruction publique et des Beaux-Arts) on the establishment of an international film festival in France. This idea has been supported by both Jean Zay and the French allies like Britain and the United States. Passing through many cities like Vichy, Biarritz or Algiers, the southern coastal city of Cannes was chosen as the host city of this important event and Philippe Erlanger was appointed as the first curator of the festival. “(Wikipedia)
So if you say not too, it is the presence of the Nazi Germany and Italy that the Cannes Film Festival was born. When the film with the invention of the Lumière brothers and Edison came into being, the world enjoyed a special new art form. Through the method of recording performances and re-screening, cinema has created more tools for the artist to put many of his advanced ideas into movies to reach the public.
But when the Nazis curbed their freedom, dragged on the true art to control and dominate their political and propaganda intentions, the French decided to create their own film festival. , for all genuine filmmakers from all over the world. Born in 1946 to present 68 years, the Cannes Film Festival increasingly affirms the authenticity of an art playing field for enthusiastic cinema lovers from all over the world.
The world famous film festivals such as Venice, Berlin, Sundance … are always the best access for young filmmakers to introduce and promote their first films, because they are open festivals and There are many awards for young filmmakers. There they introduced their films and competed rather than encountering other top directors of world cinema. The Cannes Film Festival was born with the aim of encouraging the development of cinematographic art in all forms and building a spirit of collaboration among cinematographers from different countries.
Added as an official award in 1978 initiated by film critic Gilles Jacob, the Golden Camera Award (Caméra d’Or) is a prestigious award for all young directors with first-hand films. selected to attend the Cannes film festival. With an independent jury of 15 people from the Film Critics Department (Semaine de la Critique), which includes film critics, researchers, and followers, who specialize in writing for electrical newspapers. At the beginning of the world, hundreds of cinematic works by talented young directors from all over the world have been sent to them to select and choose the best film.
Prestige and honor, this award guarantees a ticket to the public and world media, as well as a ballot that guarantees a new movie personality worth waiting for. Because it is a ticket for all countries, lesser-known cinemas often try to approach this award to introduce their identity, and consider it an easy intermediate step to have It is possible to access another prestigious award that film makers always want to access, the Academy Academy’s Oscar.

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