It (2017 vs 1990): Two versions, one lesson

I just finished watching both versions of 1990 and 2017, the latter version has an IMDb score of 7.9, and the previous version is 6.9; This time, my opinion is the opposite of the score, I like the previous version, because it is more general. It is not surprising, however, to see the growing scores, technology, and technology of film making, but the genre of horror film is very much dependent on it; In addition, the latter version is presented in an easy to understand way for the viewer, it can be said to be a simplified version of the previous one, and this version is only part 1 of the previous version.

We started with the 2017 version, Bill’s younger brother went missing (died) after chasing a paper boat, because he loved him, Bill tried to investigate, he did not believe his brother had an accident like Information from the police. Bill has a stuttering, his friends are considered to be different from the majority, that is, those who are often discriminated against at school, among them are Jews, asthma, black, fat … ; 7 children form a “failed” group to protect each other. Against them are the so-called delinquents and bullies, when we bully one of them, we find that the adults are completely indifferent. The film also depicts the parents of the children (good and bad) in a negative way, meaning that they are not only places to rely on when they need it, on the contrary, they are conservative and harsh, they bring more fear. During the investigation, the “failed” team saw horrible things, things that adults did not see, all of that horror came from the ghost clown. In the end, thanks to solidarity, we all defeated it.

In the 2017 version, it is not difficult to realize that the clown is a ghostly symbol that symbolizes people’s fear of evil, because of fear, they turn away when they encounter it; gradually people become indifferent and emotionless, they only know themselves, they lose mercy, they accept evil as something obvious, or they try to avoid things like that. pain – evil – fear by choosing to believe in what can ease them. For example, the old lady turned away when Bill’s younger brother crouched down in the manhole, or Bill’s father accepted his son to die from a storm rather than a murder, because he believed in the accident – bad luck. people are easier to surrender. The film teaches us a lesson, that is not to give up, to face fear, stand up and unite to fight it.

Version 1990 – THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF THIS ARTICLE. Although technologically it is far inferior to the later version, but I prefer the way these kids act, which means these kids are more real than the latter, the things they do are more childlike, the investigative way of They’re the kids’ way. Child-like expression is very important in this version. So what are children? Children are naive, vulnerable, easy to trust people, easy to fall victim to because they do not know how to defend themselves, and they are very sensitive to darkness and evil.

Does anyone wonder why evil has a clown’s face? It’s an iconic implication, look at society, the serial killers always look decent, the pedophiles always pretend they’re a kind and loving child, the crime of they hide behind smiles, sweet words, gifts, and then when the prey, they fall into a trap. In the film we see a lot about the darkness behind the light, similar to the smiley face, the light that it emits makes other people fascinated, such as showbiz, look at it and see the glory of idols, but what’s behind that? Occasionally, a few concussive scandals, drugs, trade in flesh and personality, and “playing” the council … become clearer, the more disgusting you become.

Why do adults not see spooky clowns? Why didn’t the kids kill him at first? Because the “clown” – that darkness lurks among the adults, they create it. They create it by indifference, by cruelty, by greed, by racism, by religious discrimination, by prejudice, by selfishness; the “failed” group is also symbolic for those victims of them, who are different from the majority, the Jews, the blacks. Children are also symbols, which represent good things such as innocence, sincerity, and love. Clowns kill children with both, showing that there is a real pervert that kills children, and second is the evil that exists in the adult world that kills the good that exists in children. young. The thugs are the kids who have been “killed” in the “childhood” inside.

If in the 2017 version what can kill the clown is courage – not fear, in the 1990 version it is more fundamental and broader, which is the belief in goodness.

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