Tuscan Chicken Liver Crostini – The charm of Toscana cuisine

Sunshine has burned sand dunes, brilliant yellow color that made it blur the beam of flowers on the rung is swaying in the wind to lay off the rosemary trees in the corner of the garden, waiting for a rain of heaven. Cool down the grass. In other seasons, the rooftop garden can be a place full of sun, wind and floral fragrance. But when the summer climbed to the summit, the scenery on the garden just like a beautiful painting to watch, lingered here too long it was difficult, even if bought with fresh oyster and fresh white wine Dimly in the cold Many dream of the myth that summer Hanoi softly summer in Firenze. And sometimes a bit more extravagant there to imagine his garden in the midst of Europe’s most glorious Renaissance city. There, catch up with the late afternoon with a prepared aperitivo, sunbathing on the crimson white stone wall and the old, colorful arch of Santa Maria del Fiore. Toscana. Live somewhere between the hills of Tuscany and enjoy occasional evening in the heart of Firenze, a little extravagant for a perfect retirement plan.

Why I choose to live in Toscana and hang over in Firenze? Also a very human kind of contradiction, who also sometimes falls into the scene can not love or hate something completely. Living in Toscana is a dream of a peaceful life on a hillside with a wine cellar filled with its name, but if you just walk around it is a dull moment. Firenze is a bit crowded, noisy for the life of an old man. But on the other hand, it is an undeniable place for those who enjoy beauty. Firenze is a beautiful, beautiful city in an old, cluttered way, overlapping different architectural styles throughout the city’s history spanning from Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance to the Near East. . In the churches, museums, ancient palaces are collections of Renaissance art in a variety of formats. It is a legacy from the heyday of the hometown of the Renaissance movement – a place to patronize and nurture the talents of painters, architects, sculptors, writers, poets, inventors see. But not just in classical art, the spirit towards the perfection of the Firenze people is expressed in all aspects of everyday life, often as food or drink. If you try Firenze’s food once in your life, you’ll want to stay here forever. Remember, it is no coincidence that Hannibal Lecter chose this ancient city to live a new life after the smooth run down.

Just like anywhere else in Italy, Firenze people like to hang out after work, drink a few glasses together, talk trifles and have a light aperitivo appetizer before dinner. Wealth. Surely they will not let you switch over to dinner before tasting Crostini Fegatini – a rustic chicken liver pie that features the culinary background of Firenze. Vin Santo’s tender liver is slightly bitter and sweet, and the salty taste of anchovy fish, the sourness of the caper and the low-key sage leaves stick to the fragrant slices of old- Pure lime, suitable for a glass of white wine made of grapes right next to the hills.

The use of poultry liver for food preparation is not new, the ancient Egyptians knew how to feed chickens and ducks for the liver and then the Greeks, then the Romans to rule this land and legacy Enjoy the culinary heritage. The earliest recorded records of the feeding of fig goose to increase the fatness of the liver are in the Apicius Latin cookbook, an ancient Roman author. But such knowledge, as well as other artistic and cultural achievements, has been forgotten for a long time, since the crumbling and the dark ages began. It was only when the heads of the Medici family ruled Firenze with fervent support for writers and scholars, the Renaissance movement began and led to the resurgence of achievements from ancient times. Was buried in the ashes of history. It is thought that Crostini Fegatini of Firenze was born during this time, when priests tried to translate ancient documents, including Apicius’s cooking book.

The Italians soon found their love for dishes made from the liver of poultry, only missing a little bit if it was missing a little luck. Many people think that Caterina de ‘Medici, after marrying King Henry II of France, is the one who introduced many of Toscana’s specialties to the country. Caterina de ‘Medici is the essence of the culinary revolution that has set the stage for modern French cuisine.

The entourage of the Queen, including the best firenze chefs in Florence, brought to the court the sumptuous banquets of myths, elegant dishes and new dining rules that changed completely. The concept of presentation and enjoy food at that time.

Toscana cuisine is like raw gems, but idiosyncratic but hidden latent potential, while Paris is a perfect processing room. With the variety of culinary delicacies from the countryside across the vast country, Paris of XVI century is ready to purify Toscana delicacies up to the level of the tastes. King. Pancakes of Patnick’s Firenze had become so luxurious Foie Gras that way.

I also like Foie Gras, overcoming guilt for goose and people’s controversy about this dish. However, the love of aroma, complexity and price that does not contradict the fact that I also devoted a homage equally to Crostini Fegatini, so far is still a popular formula with It still looks like a country dish, where one has to create something with “excess rice”. Firenze cuisine as well as the whole of Toscana is still doing its best: the dishes are not gong to be worth the money for the kings and queens but delicious for everyone, the “human” in the sense Most primitive, ignoring the status of humility and the labels that people try to stick together, sticking to yourself every day.

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