Exam (2009) – The nature of the struggle for survival

In the new age, we need to ask again the question of the nature of the struggle for survival. Does violence really solve the problem? Or something else? Exam (2009) has IMDb 6.8, which is a very interesting film with many elements, including psychology, a little bit of horror, culture, fantasy, intelligence, human nature. There are many horror movies taking the topic of survival contest that only one survivor eventually, but this film goes in a different direction. Before I continue writing, I apologize to the readers that the article has some comments that will touch your pride, but that is not my point, I only analyze what the film has shown. Of course that expression is also somewhat true to the reality that we have to accept. I say “partly” rather than “all”.

Imagine, the film takes place in England, the world in the situation of a pandemic, there is a “virus” that many people die. An international medical company recruited an assistant, with 8 people to enter the final competition, they belong to many different races with different cultures. It can be said that these 8 candidates represent the face of our world, including 4 men and 4 women. Very sorry Asian men, because you do not belong to these 8 men, there is a man from the Middle East, but that place has a very different culture to us. There is an Asian woman (China) but it is underestimated. This shows that Westerners do not value Asians internationally, and that men are second only to women. It is indeed very ugly, but the reality shows that Asians contribute very little to the progress of humanity, from philosophy, literature, art, to the scientific and technical aspects. Why is that?

Some comments after watching movies:

Asians think simple, lack depth. This is an intellectual contest, not a writing contest, not found the question but wrote the answer. From there also revealed two other drawbacks, that is rushing and not knowing how to work in groups, not knowing how to cooperate to create strength. These are extremely fatal disadvantages in this day and age.

The French are rich in emotion and somewhat weak, when it comes to France, we think of romance, the existential movement, they were one of the first losers in world wars. However, their contributions in terms of literature and health are enormous, as are humanitarian organizations. They seem the most “human” when compared to many other cultures.

The brown-haired girl seemed to be Latin American, active, rich in vitality, daring, and thought to be intelligent, so she was easily exploited by others. That’s also true, because the New World does not have a long history as the former European continent.

In addition, we also see the contradictions still exist, that is the racial white – black. Of the 9 actors (excluding the guard), we can identify the most dominant are 4 white people, then 2 blacks. The conflict would inevitably arise between the two men, white and black. The film depicts a white man as a poisonous, impudent man; And blacks, while violent, are still good people. However, in the confrontation between them, in the end who will be the winner? Perhaps there is bias from the writer, but it is also realistic.

Looking at the script, we can somewhat read the minds of whites, they cannot deny the existence of blacks and the role of blacks in their culture, but blacks still always underestimated. White people see black people in two ways, the first is violence but somewhat naive, the second is that although in a senior position (contest manager), it only plays a substitute role, like a butler.

The film also describes the culture and how the Middle East men treat women, which is cruelty. As for their liking for chance, perhaps it is true, since they live in the desert, often faced with birth and death, each choice is like a gamble.

In high-level competitions, knowledge and skills are essential, but above all, the decision to win or lose is not due to them, but it is the depth of the spirit. Like the end of the film, the question is always right in front of the eyes but all are invisible, in order to find the question, the candidate must be able to see the truth, the truth about people, the truth about life. live, see through what’s going on, the details, analyze and sum it all up. Remember not to confuse this with the way people analyze and synthesize data, because they are two completely different levels, the low is only a skill and a method, the high is understanding – enlightenment. calculating, looking into the nature of things.

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