“Eternite” – Sweety and Colorful

All lovers of cinema and the media are expecting the latest film by Tran Anh Hung, Eternite. And people go to the movies to watch an esthete thinking forms that was confirmed through a lot of work as Cyclo, Scent of Green Papaya, The Vertical Ray of the Sun, …

Both films are beautiful glitter frame visual impact. The light-filled frames, light harmony so that we can see every tree, blade of grass in the frame is in harmony with the character. This is a style that has been confirmed by a lot of earlier  director. If we take any specific frames from the film, there is also a picture full of feelings.

Besides, the director had the camera placing to give the audience strange angles that they hardly visible in daily life. A story like waves gently ripple on the lake, through a machine frame and unique look of the director enjoyable to strange. It is the gentle touch full of love, full of deep kiss on the cheek of the mother clear for her son, the tears of pain seeing their loved ones leave. If you are a passionate lover to the beautiful frame of the film, this film is a gift for you.

In terms of story structure and how to build storylines, all the theory taught classes on cinema might have become meaningless. A film story goes like waves gently ripple on the lake, does not have any events or circumstances that occur unexpectedly. The audience is not caught up in a concern for any character is mentioned. People just watch to watch, to enjoy the eternal flowing away in a galaxy that “relativity has been proven to be absolute.”

A highly feminine story, talking about the woman. When eternity here is thanks to love and then followed generations forever, love and sacrifice women for their loved ones have contributed to the perpetuation of life present. Successive generations in a circle, and so developed.

Eternite is a great gift dedicated followers of thinking esthete form, for those who have faith in a beautiful cinema in harmony to each frame. The film is an affirmation of the aesthetic perspective of director Tran Anh Hung with his own past and with his fans from all over the world.

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  1. Hallo, bin zuliÃlf¤g auf Ihrer Seite gelandet. Es freut mich immer tierisch, wenn ich solche nette Berichte über Taiwan lese. Liebe Grüsse

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