[ Movie Review ] Game of Thrones (2016) – Now is the time for the warbetween the women

Episode 9 of Season 5 with a great war in the snow  with a bunch of undead and Jon Snow’s Wildling tribes were prepared to have both the private screening in theaters for the believers of Game of Thrones. The last episode of season 2’s latest series even arranged with the most expensive camera angles to create a special atmosphere for your excitement. When the season 6 episode 9, entitled Battle of the bastards aired, all the fans of Game of Thrones has prepared that HBO producers this time will give them a voyeuristic again like last season . However, not everyone can foresee that there will be many spectacular scenes and suspense  in this great battle.

Jon Snow – who is considered a bastard and an outcast until becoming one of the dominant of the most powerful house, including a coalition with tribes of the north.
Even more impressive is the last episode titled The Winds of Winter. Typically, Episode 9 will be the set of climax. Then, manufacturers will be occasions viewers speculating about the next season by giving a series of opening events for the big change of the sequel to the episode 10. So the last episode of each season game of Thrones previously quite gentle. In the most recent season, HBO remains the only surprise is revealed in the final episode last minute. Even this 10 episode is the moment that all the fans of the series expect right from the early days.
The child was wandering around the house Stark, after experiencing no less traumatic events and began vigorously to return for revenge. Even the characters who are considered young and weake such as Sansa also made unexpected steps. Without her role Jon Snow could not win against the dastardly tricks of Ramsay Bolton – who was hated only after Geoffrey in the previous section. Not stopping there, true identity of Jon Snow is finally revealed. I will not tell this secret, as you see yourself, self-assembly, the circumstances of the previous section and find out more details in the novel will understand the true home of Jon Snow’s appalling how and then he will also hold a key role in the next great war.
Brienne of Taarth, one of the female characters with the most admirable character both series, strong, courageous and steadfast much more powerful man. This photo also shows the level of investment in remarkable costumes in the film how.
Game of Thrones can say is one of the series with the development of depth of character most attractive at the moment. That was one of the most expensive elements in the novel is full of blood, love , violence and power tactics of George R.R. Martin.
No one is completely victors won in a contest of power. The price of the winners are always expensive, and the loser, just do not dare to die and constantly adapt to adversity until one day they will again have the opportunity to take revenge. These steps assume powers though each is seated on the throne with ultimate authority, it is also inevitable that the people closest to him deposed. And the outcast, those bastards, those fragments most tragic fate if known rise will have the opportunity to become false publicity.
All these things are revealed in the story of each family, large and small.
Petyr Baelish is moving step by step to make his name one of the big family, even great marketing ploy that crazy emperor now. The valiant men of the Lannister, is almost the most powerful but inevitably rotting from within by incest. Tyrion Lannister, one of the most popular characters, as well as those close to most understand the game constantly rotating kingship both continents, is now back to Westeros faction in conquering posture. Earlier, the life of man is only a struggle in vain to get the recognition of a home too talented and powerful.
The children of Stark, after two major events, beheaded father, mother and brother were brutally murdered in the betrayal of the clan vassals, who now rise to the occasion to become demand justice color board.
Daenerys Targaryen, from the immature and step up positions of power only by the queen’s confidence and blood, his party now has superb range of most talented counselors 7 kingdoms, including dwarf Tyrion. She was once a character has been loved by willpower tenacious beyond an ordinary woman, has been hated by the naive, inexperienced in ruling the country. Something that only the most powerful Dragon mother always shown in the decisive moment to change the landscape. Fatal weakness of her back was gradually overcome through each part.
Daenerys Targaryen queen, characters always make others be surprised by what steps his turn things around. Most temperament and also is one of the craziest guys want to acquire the entire continent both to end the war. A secondary ambition beyond all others and now her right arm, her strategic advisor now Tyrion Lannister including dwarf, misbegotten child genius, but despite still being thrown away, desert, and betrayed by his own father.
Game of Thrones is a story about power. Every human being, however small anywhere, also have their own ways of rise. A homeless man, do not have the military capability as Petyr Baelish – Little Finger – they choose to go up by wriggled and opportunities. There are those who only ordered and made by others to fear his brutal rule as Geoffrey or Ramsay and also to recognize the results of the report. The rulers of weakness that must shout that “I am the King”, the latter still had no real power. And the characters struggling in the blood to be used to achieve the finally back from allies to enemies admired by the power and cunning.
All these factors, along twist and is expressed in many different views, go row from episode to episode else. That is the most interesting factor that Game of Thrones constantly keep their appeal despite preparing to 7th season.
For me, the game suddenly kingship redirect and focus the power of so many forces in the hands of a woman who was not a little surprised. In the south, Ellaria Sand, too disappointed by the gentleness of his brother that murdered the king to come to power, and is in the same league with her old dress Tyrell origin are repressed outrage when all Subscribe now their children are dead. At King’s Landing royal capital, Cersei Lannister blown all those who stood in the way, indirectly, the death of his son to the throne as king hegemony. On the other side of the ocean, queen Daenerys Stormborn, now has both iron archipelago fleet, led by the eldest daughter of the family backed Greyjoy, is preparing to enter the world of Westeros to the Conqueror of mind. In the north, Sansa Stark, heir of a thoroughbred finally respected clan was a woman. Even Lyanna Mormont, just as a child but had the iron will of the people to carry on their shoulders the whole clan mission, who are backing the Stark brothers also made many other man reserves to bowed his upright attitude.
Success of the television series is his motivation to continue writing the epic song of the ice and fire named Game of Thrones.

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