The Breakfast Club (1985) – Adrift with the youth

For me, high school is always the best time of my life. It was a time when we were still innocent of the age of 16, playing with the age of 17 and the anxiety of our 18s. It was a period of emotional sentiment, Intense escape to explore exploring the personal secrets.

At the same time, it is also the age of boisterous deeds, bad jokes and deep sorrows in the heart. We, who have had such a time, have always wanted to be loved, caring but also want to show themselves, want to be rebellious, waving in the early years of youth and the deadlock. , Anxiety, panic and the thought of wanting to die. It is also a time, we hate the “adult” extreme. By then, in the middle ages, we are not big but not baby, not understand the story but also understand the story. We hate people and promise ourselves not to become, but who knows, when we grow up in our lives, do we hurt, make us bitter, so that when we look back on it Have you become the person you hate most?

“The Breakfast Club” has a simple, over-simplistic content, about a penalty of five completely aliens, locked up in a classroom on Saturday, weekend. A deserted school, a hard-headed teacher, and five people, representing the five most prominent groups of a high school, sit next to each other from 7am until 4pm. 5 people, 5 straight lines have no common points, never talk to each other, different personalities and interests. That Brian- a book, Andrew- athlete, Claire-princess, Allison-eccentric little talker and rebellious John Bender. But those 5 people, turned out to have one big thing in common, in common is that all of us at that age have, that is the indecent play of youth. And in just 9 hours, with the stories they share and share, they have become better friends than anyone else.

The film has no climax, nor has the knot open but simply the story of the human life of five people. The misunderstandings, the wild rebel, are the sadness in life. But the movie has become the inspiration for all the teen films later on. Someone said that the teenage movies later, are carrying the DNA of “The Breakfast Club”. It can be said, “The Breakfast Club” directed by John Hughes has made significant contributions and change the American film forever. Most of the footage of the film takes place only in the small space of the library and the school corridor. Director John Hughes excelled in the inner workings, the most intimate of the teenage minds representing the five largest groups of this age, all through gestures , The eyes of Vernon teacher despise, both the tears of sadness and the smile of understanding each other.

One thing I like about “The Breakfast Club” is that they have their own character, each with their own feelings and emotions. And even at the end of the film, they keep their identity, not split or changed. They spent 9 hours together in school, they talked, rebeling, crying together, laughing together, but they were still “bookworms”, ” Eccentric “,” beautiful princess “and” criminal “. They do not try to change themselves just because no one around hears them, no one cares or loves them, they do not value each other by appearance, but they are all just oneself.

“So what will be on Monday? Will we meet again? I mean we are friends, right? “One of the group asked and the other said,” I do not think so. ” Yes. We understand each other, do not hesitate or conceal their emotions, thoughts, opinions about friends, family, teachers, about themselves. But they only stayed together on Saturday, and second, when they returned to their own world, the world where others were “level” with themselves. Imagine, a hot girl and a criminal, a hot boy with a sports girl, and all of them playing with a bookworm. They are not in each other’s world, they can not run out to say hello, pretend not to be like them. All are the prejudices of friends – a miniature society.

I do not think when watching “The Breakfast Club” “you will think of your pupil days, even though you will not think in the unconscious. The film shows the school – a miniature society, also in its preconceptions of fame, clothing, family circumstances … prejudices that we distinguish between the “class” society to Then when we really talk about our thoughts, the mask layers are crumbling and the purest beauty in their souls unfolds. To me, “The Breakfast Club” is more than just a teen drama. Every dialogue, scene, gesture, gesture of the people in the movie made me feel emotionally hard to describe. And a dump, five friends back home, my heart aches. I used to think that every time I finished a movie I felt sad because I wanted to know what those characters would be like, but with “The Breakfast Club” different, I understood the fate of young people. The other on Monday.

Since 1985, people still long for the second part of the movie, but that, of course, is forever in the imagination. Director John Hughes once said that he envisioned all the things that would happen to the five young people, but working with the actors was a far cry from his imagination. And there would be no excuse for “princess” Claire and “criminal” John Bender sitting in the same room again. And only when director John Hughes died, the other five friends, now older, had the opportunity to sit together in a big room in LA at the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony in 2010, reminiscent of John Hughes – who The director was dubbed the “King of teens”.

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