Sicario (2015) – A unique journey to discover the human soul

In the Roman language “Sicario” is used to refer to people crossing the border to invade the ancient Jewish country. But it means killer in Mexican. This is the introduction that came to light when the film began to open and was led by Denis through a series of vague, unpredictable events.

Set in the city of Juarez in Mexico, this place is located in the United States, a hot area of ​​the underworld, where every day has a large content of “white goods” exchanged. More precisely, Juarez is the city of crime. At first, Sicario depicts a criminal offense scandal involving three main characters: Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) – FBI hostage rescue officer Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) – The leader of the anti-narcotics team, the maniacal man, the strange man, and Alejandro (Benicio del Toro), a man of mysterious but talented status who uses guns. Until the film is halfway through, when the viewer is as confused as Kate, no matter what happens, all Matt’s arrangements for her in this mission have a purpose. Under the skillful hands of Taylor Sheridan scriptwriter with fine detailing skills of Denis, Sicario as a work of art exposed in the light of sin, secret revenge, strength, Virtue, a unique journey to go deep into the darkness of the human soul. Sicario is a sharp, intelligent and charismatic reflection.

The film radiated a rough, rugged air from the first scene, initially I feared that the only female character – Kate’s Emily Blunt was unfairly treated because the female heroine of Hollywood less Is focused, or only the background elements, bait to the men solve the problem. In fact, in this movie, she was in that situation. But the goodness of Sicario or director Denis Villeneuve is to put Kate at the center of morality with big questions: Where is the line between good and evil? Where is the difference between lawyers and criminals? And Kate must deal with it with inner strength, not just physical strength or intelligence. I’m not sure this is true, but in this movie, Kate excels in action scenes, even though she’s an exhausted and excellent FBI agent, but conversations, smoking and thinking. . Mexico’s land of Juarez is the territory of the wolf pack, according to Alejandro, where daily gun battles are like the fireworks of children. The naked body hangs up the street openly, where any police officer can be a mafia or drug trafficker. Matt, he was the one who chose Kate to go along in the hunt. beast. He watched, listened, smirked, laughed, joked and acted and knew Juarez’s law, like a skilled hunter at night.

And in fact, the boundary is the faintest thing in our being, because angels and demons can borrow a human body to live in. Juarez’s docile children are very docile. Maybe later some infamous criminals. And Kate, she was also forced to hide Alejandro’s behavior, betrayed his own career rules. The boundary is not in Juarez. I suppose, Sicario is not really a violent movie only for those who know about guns, smuggling, drugs, witches … but a reflection on the boundaries of the good of the people on behalf of Moral and ethical margin. The ambiguity is expected to shed light on human nature. When thrown into a dull land of bloodthirsty crowds and mischiefers, who knows what kind of person will be after a shot.

“In the end, I’m just like the lawyers you’re serving,” said the trafficked man, Manuel Diaz before his death.

Thanks to a clear understanding of the CIA, the Delta, military and political forces surrounding the border, Taylor Sheridan created a successful script for Sicario. Therefore, the special thing that Sicario brings is not only a neat movie, the power of violence and the will, but also the special point of the idea: A radical metaphor speaks of the dark specter Inside us, if Alejandro or Matt did not use violence to deal with evil, would they feel more free? This question once again makes me nervous because I am not a violent cheerleader or use violence to counter violence. However, the idea of ​​Taylor or Denis in this movie really surprised me by the power of the subconscious. In a land of evil like Juarez, history is blood and drugs, and people like Alejandro are forced to take history with blood too: no tolerance, no hesitation, no fear, no blood debt to pay with blood. .

Interviewer Michael O’Sullivan asked the director Denis Villeneuve: Is chaos and moral corruption a remarkable topic in his films? And he replied, “It is very dark and skeptical, but it is the present. I want Sicario to answer the question: How can we deal with today’s drug cartels? Do we need to be one of them? Even if you are dealing with ISIS, you need to own powerful forces and you also become them. I am trying to explore the question through a number of films. A movie is not like a book. Sometimes we need some movies to approach a problem. ”

For those who have been watching Denis Villeneuve’s previous films, it is clear that he is very keen on visual aesthetics, and that the colors have to match the senses the movie wants to bring in Sicario. The yellow of the sunburned burning fire of Mexico, the red of the blood, the black of the night, the guns … these three colors give the viewer a sense of insecurity, impasse and madness. But that is the success of the film.

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