The book was donated by brother Lai Thang in a “bookstore” full of positive things – InnerSpace on a spring day, when the two brothers stopped by to choose lovely items to celebrate the New Year for those lovely person J The book belongs to the pretty Little Sun series, for children of elementary school level

This part is for those who want to “save the world” in their own way J

The book has more than 200 pages, but the letters are big, with lots of illustrations, so I finished reading in the afternoon

And taking pictures of books is very beautiful 😛

The content of the book tells about the journey of rescuing the forest of two sisters living in the city, when returning to their hometown with grandparents, in the forest of her sister, it is a cool place full of animals, but in fact, the forest is being destroyed 0 like so many other forests today, still going on. And what did the sisters do? They seem to be empowered by the forest itself because of their good thoughts, they want the forest to be revived as in their memory, and they embark on doing it, from the smallest things like picking trash, and they do it daily, diligently, no matter if it’s sunny or rainy (just like the nature we still understand Japanese people), and then, those small and regular actions of the two sisters are supported by grandparents , supported by friends in the village, then supported by all the villagers … because they listened to the whispers of nature, of Earth – Fire – Water – Wind – Space, those instructions give them the strength to connect, to do good things, to revive the forest, to bring animals back and to save risks o to those who are deforestation day and night. The story is lovely, from words to small actions, lovely from imagining the advice of the 5 gods to the children, to convey the message: every small action can be collected into Miracles. And the magical forest has been revived from small actions, originating from small people, but pure and determined.

To see that, no matter how small you think you are, no matter how big you want to do, if you do every little thing, every day of perseverance, with determination and enthusiasm, you’ll get happy “fruits”, positive energies, good friendships …

Read books to see how lovely this life is!
Thanks to life every morning, we have one more day to love, to love a new day to do loving things ^^

Excerpt some of my favorite passages from the book
Advice from the Earth god: Keep focusing on what you can do. Your awareness and effort will help change others. And then, try to do like me. Constantly giving away without expecting anything in return. That is called giving, altruistic contentment. We dedicate ourselves to the growth of fruits, vegetables, grains, bushes, trees and all the subjects of the plant kingdom, never asking for anything. In order to become my trusted friend, you also need to become such an impartial giver – giving selflessly from the heart without being bound by any conditions.
Advice from the sun god: and always towards the sun. That way I will leave my shadow, my weaknesses behind, and become more noble and better. The weaknesses are anger, quarrel, scold, excuse. Keep those thoughts and actions away from you. Like me, you can help others to open up their own good by always spreading their goodness everywhere and helping others see their beauty. That’s the way you need to transform to become my trusted friend.
The advice of the Water God: We go through everything happily, following our path, constantly flowing. That is called “becoming flexible”. When we pour rain, we water it all, everywhere, regardless of who, where, what, without any bias. Treat everyone you meet with your love, fairness, and flexibility. Don’t think that one person is ugly, the other is good just because you like or dislike them. Let your good wishes flow to everyone, everything. It means recognizing and sustaining only the good side, not looking at or complaining about the faults and weaknesses of others. When you don’t look at the shortcomings of others, your heart will become a flawless diamond. In this way, I will transform others, helping them feel happy, respected, and sympathetic. And you will be my trusted friend.
Wind’s advice: yes, you can cheer them up and inspire them with your example and enthusiasm. There is one thing I can do. That is to plant more trees, flowers and plants will energize us. We always lift things higher by keeping ourselves light and not becoming heavy.

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