Fairy tales for the age of elves: RED WINGS, ALEKSANDR GRIN

Read “Crimson sails” out of curiosity when suddenly seeing the thin book on her sister’s bookshelf – recently excited to read strange literary works – The short stories won by Christmas were also great, I will share it someday.

A lazy evening with over 100 pages of books gave me a romantic love story.

It is a classic story, written by Alexsandr Grin within 6 years, it has been made into films since 1961, including a song “Red sail” in Vietnamese, but now I know about it – usually I don’t know celebrities =)) Maybe because I think they have a lot of people who care about me then I should take care of myself ^^


The scarlet sail is a romantic fairy tale of love and the sea, unlike the old man fishing and the goldfish, it’s completely different.

That is the fidelity, the rooster raising the children of the Father Assol after a long trip to the sea no longer see his beloved wife but his 7-month-old daughter. The father gave up sailing to stay home with his daughter – crystallizing his love for Mary. He made toys that were sailboats to sell to raise money for the two children to earn a living. Assol grew up in his father’s love and had no friends because the villagers did not like Assol’s father and son, they called Assol’s father and people crazy, crazy – that’s right, but who is the hotass? That’s right: v – If you are crazy about steaming, is that okay? Assol lived in the love of her father, the forest of the beautiful days, she talked to the trees, and her words made a coal seller also see her as a different girl: “everyone have dreams because they are people ”- dreams are a good thing. Assol also talked to the boats made by her father, also tried dropping in the stream by the forest – where of course the yachts should be there, and without helping her, the boat with red sails The petal and the stream of the mountains took her to a folk collector of folk songs, he was a prophet and he told little Assol, less than 10 years old, that she would grow up, would There is a prince in another country who will go on a boat with a scarlet sail to pick you up with him forever.

In a distant sky, the young Gray – the duke of a magnificent building, has his own teacher, has his own book room, has his own servant, has a mother who is not too strict, and he is allowed to do anything whatever you want. After exploring the world through books, sailing was the only thing he cared about – and until he had enough feathers (enough amount) he left home to go to sea fishing. A white dude who looked frail looking was curbed by the old captain and didn’t believe he was going to the beach for long, but then he had to change his attitude and pass on his entire sailing experience. for you. He became a young captain, generous and different.

On an accidental sea trip to Assol’s land, his heart fidgeted for no reason, and the night fishing to clear the dream of Assol sleeping by an old tree by the forest, Gray was impressed and gave her. Girl is sleeping ring on his hand. Then he entered the village to learn about her story. He was told by the villagers the story of Assol – a girl who always waited for a red sailboat to come and pick him up. And the gray-eyed Gray went on to make Assol’s story. He went to choose scarlet silk fabrics to set sail for his Secret boat. He hired a band of street musicians whose tone could touch the workers, and he shared with his crew the story, he prepared and came to meet the pure Assol. .

Their love story is a happy ending with Gray’s saying: the miracle that you create, if you can, create the miracle.
Sometimes reading the original is even better.

After reading stories, watching movies and listening to songs, I feel that I just live what I like, your love will come to you.

I’m dreaming of a day when I wear a wedding dress and hold this purple flower with my prince

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