Father and son’s love shines in the story “Father of a stickleback”

The stickfish father is a book for those who always cherish family affection, want to understand, want to love, want to sympathize, want to touch the father’s heart once.

Looking around at a new batch of Nha Nam’s new book stalls, I suddenly stopped at the book “Father of a stickleback fish”, possibly because of the strange name but also because of the image of the father carrying the child walking under. rows of yellow trees look so peaceful and warm. And so, just after the first “meeting”, I decided to buy the stickleback dad back to my bookstore.

I will not talk about the prestigious awards received by the stickleback dad, the prestigious rankings or the number of books sold to keep your foot in the book. Because Dad sticking fish is simple for those who cherish family affection, want to understand, want to love, want to sympathize, want to touch the father’s heart once.
Jeong Ho Yeon – A father made me both angry and injured. He was once a young poet full of talent and enthusiasm, but because of his wife’s satisfaction, he was willing to give up his own passion to find a job with a stable income. those sacrifices thought in return for joy, happiness for him, but no, ironically fate, the wife he loved most ran after his own desire to leave him and his children behind.

In the midst of that extreme pain, he discovered Daum – his little son unfortunately had a white blood disease.
I wonder what will Jeong Ho Yeon be like, tired, surrendered or struggling to fight? Because maybe because Jeong Ho Yeon was abandoned as a child, experiencing a childhood without love from his family early, he absolutely did not let Daum like him, he would give all his love for Daum. , will stay by and take care of Daum as best as I can.

Jeong Ho Yeon in the story The father of a stickleback fish lived like a tree, stabbed its own roots, sprouted its own branches and leaves, though no one took care of it.
For Jeong Ho Yeon, happiness is simply being able to live with the person he loves, to take care of everyday, to care and be willing to do everything to make him feel happy. Jeong Ho Yeon defines happiness as love. For the love he silently sacrifices, enduring endurance.

Surely, Jeong Ho Yeon’s life is like a strange stickle fish. After giving birth, the female stickle spawns. The stickleback is forced to fight, not eating or sleeping to protect its eggs from other fish. When the adult sticklebacks will leave, they will also fulfill the mission of their life.
Jeong Ho Yeon did everything he could to the best, but the young Daum still wished to have his mother by his side. Daum is jealous of young Seong Ho because he has a pirate Lego set and a mother. But suppose to choose between Lego and his mother would definitely choose his mother. With such innocent, innocent dreams, it was like strangling Jeong Ho Yeon’s heart.

Even so, I can’t blame Daum, because he has been fighting with leukemia since he was three. In Daum, I chose to see the ray of hope and optimism in the dark, Daum was professionally injected, Daum cried less, Daum liked to build pirate ship, Daum liked the Dragon Ball Z story and he liked Eun Mi clip- hair-flower.
After many hardships and trying everything, Daum was cured by the marrow donation. A tear of happiness falls softly on the corner of her eye and in the heart of the stubborn father Jeong Ho Yeon. On the way to accompany Daum, Jeong Ho Yeon gave up at a time, but with only a glimmer of hope, he rose to continue to regain life for his children. Daddy’s noble but silent sacrifice is also an important part of helping Daum recover from his illness.

The father of a stickle fish with strong soul moves, may make you cry, may make you sad, but ultimately the valuable lessons about family affection and great fatherhood in the story. .

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