Taken 3 (2014) – I hope Liam Neeson will stop playing this movie!

The moment that ended my hope and excitement for Taken 3 was when the character Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) saw the murder and the victims. His emotions are too poor, even after being backed up by a music scene. The pain just like that? Neeson does not catch the emotional strings, which makes part 1 of this series worth watching. And director Olivier Megaton and scriptwriter team did not “catch” a detective script, even if only temporarily acceptable.

I did not watch Part 2 of this series (along with Megaton), although I enjoyed the first part. Some movies have the feeling it’s over, it’s all over, all the drawings to make more money of the producer, only bring disappointment to those who love. Taken is a movie series like that. In part 3, Bryan Mills, who was “robbed” (Taken) from him is no longer the daughter, but the life of another person he loves. While he was “pinned” to become perpetrators. Mills just tried to escape from the police, looking for clues as the mastermind.

Emotional expression was superficial and superficial in the beginning, when he gave his daughter a birthday present and faced the fact that she had grown up. Throughout the film, Megaton tried to cram his father-daughter affection to fit into the main theme of the series, but failed. Linkages keep rushing, until they are no longer strong enough to make the viewer interested.

On the face of the detective, the film is filled with silly details, and feels like written by people who have never written a detective movie. It is not the participation of Luc Besson, who wrote part 1.

Mills has been tracking down the perpetrator, dealing with a “smart” inspection inspector, as he describes it, played by Forrest Whitaker. But are you smart?

No ombudsman “forgot” to investigate the victim’s coverage right from the start, instead of focusing on mobile data. No inspection failed to connect the case to a previous case at the beginning of the film, when an accountant was killed and completely forgotten. No inspection after watching the video, and seeing the kidnapped victim, still insisted on capturing Mills without investigating who those were (calling the “magic” of the video come, and do nothing). ). None of the inspections allowed the widowed husband to settle freely, without asking any questions.

All he did was eat a loaf of bread called “Bangles,” which appeared three times.

And the can of milk has the words “drink right now”. I still do not understand why it is not easy to record the place, and keep the paper, instead of using it.

And on the gun boss and say “stand up”, after exhausting the cartridge just to kill the enemy. Why kill a dangerous enemy that needs him to stand up?

And even when the assassins reveal themselves, no one is surprised, because it is a very familiar motif. What disappoints me is the process that led to that “twist”.

Even on the face of action, Taken 3 brings not the glamor, but still the uncomfortable feeling with so many ridiculous details. Liam Neeson, despite his form and continued to show charisma as a middle-aged action hero worth watching, cast his character from Taken 1 himself, could not shoulder it all. I remember the first part of the show was very touching, technical and practical, as well as fierce. But in this part, I can call it the “superhumanizing” error common to action movies, he becomes invincible, miraculous escape without scratches. For example, two car explosion scenes, in buildings and in the foothills. Knowing that it is impossible to get practical standards compared to movies, it is unacceptable. Faces of martial arts and fights are just as bad as all other aspects. And the police are more absurd than ever.

I did not find a bright spot, if I had to choose, maybe some pretty good music, and the first scene of the boss came out with a really awesome voice (Sam Spruell).

Finally, a very weak end, and go against character traits. I thought that Mills would do something better for him, if he was the same as the first. But not. The only thing he has is innocence.

But are you really innocent? And those who were killed by a container truck (apparently, with the way this school was run), for chasing him?

I really hope that everything will be right with the words “It Ends Here” posted on the poster, and this movie is no longer part 4.

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