The pirates of the caribbean 5 – Salazar’s Revenge

Salazar’s Revenge is a journey without many adventures, which makes us fall in love in the first part. Belt becomes small, when the boat only spend one day and night to find each other (and his father lost years). No new land or interesting characters, no strange creatures or treasures. All follow the Hollywood blockbuster formula at the most basic level: Give characters a reason to go out, and then fill time with action sequences.

The success of Norwegian duo Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, does not make it 2 hours long. Hollywood now tends to hire independent directors to make blockbuster movies, to save money. Maybe Disney chose this duo because they made a movie related to the ocean, Kon-Tiki (2012). Like the first time superhero directors, they have trouble controlling the amount of time, concentrating a little on their anxieties on the action scenes, keeping them longer than necessary. Salazar’s Revenge can fully take about 90 minutes. Luckily, the script is funny enough to take all the ferry. (There are some witty lines like “Why are we going in that confusing direction?”) And thanks to independent film, the film has the creative and creative aspect of the shootings, such as the movie scene with a sharp machine. Efficient, which is difficult to achieve if the director a little summer movie.

The problem of the film, is in the character. Looking at the scene of Henry and Carina suddenly looked at each other smiling the first night on the train, I thought of dialogue between the two directors. “Die Espen, I do not have enough time for them to talk anymore,” Joachim panicked. Oh, well, let’s just say something about the past, enough to love each other, “Espen said. Henry and Carina are another version of Will and Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) in the first three. But if love life requires three parts, then life is only three minutes. There is no interaction between the two actors. The Brenton Thwaites are too “babyface” compared to Bloom, and their progression is no better than in God of Egypt (2016). Kaya Scodelario, Teresa in The Maze Runer series, is more temperamental. She has the emotion of Nicole Kidman and Daisy Ridley’s radiant look (which seems to be a blockbuster), but there is not enough work to do in this movie.

Johnny Depp returned as a humorous sidekick in Salazar’s Revenge. That was the correct decision, as he did not have enough energy on the screen. We see the familiar gestures of the school boat, but only the crust. In this role, there is no such thing as the enthusiasm of Depp, causing Jack to dissipate as well as the Dying Gull. Geoffrey Rush’s Barbossa was the only one who needed acting in the film, and he was doing well in that part. Javier Bardem is a great artiste, but continues to join the boring antique Hollywood bundle, alongside Mads Mikkelsen, Oscar Isaac, Mickey Rourke … Like the other characters in the movie, The worm or interesting character is exploited in Salazar, except for the luscious, attractive voice. Salazar’s Revenge is a movie that is all a side character, with no main character.

But Salazar’s Revenge also has beautiful moments, not from the present, but from the past. The love story between Will and Elizabeth is what I remember most after the first three parts of the Pirates of Carribeans. A love story with the legendary atmosphere of the ocean, stay in me through the torment, like all the best love story in the world. It would be nice to have the Pirates of Carribeans series go forever to get them back to season 3, as originally intended. But it turns out, a happy ending is not bad either.

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