Taxi Driver (1976) – The expression of lonely guy

Receiving a movie that is difficult to accept an art film is even harder. With my limited knowledge of film and the length of the article was quite long so I would like to only analyze the film in the first 45 minutes. Hope to bring a new look, different to your movies loving in everywhere.

The narrative structure of the movie Taxi driver was opened by Travis Bickle as a taxi cab driver at night and a thunderbolt love Betsy, this can be considered an attempt to find the meaning of Travis life by the terrorists. Psychological crisis he suffered after the Vietnam War. However, when this relationship broke down, Travis quickly fell into a state of crisis and also fall into the underworld of New York (this is the transition phase from equilibrium to the state of weight loss. ice). Travis is about to assassinate the candidate Charles Pallatine, whom he had previously favored and supported, and the gunfight, killing his host Matthew. Save Iris – a prostitute to cleanse a messy New York, filthy girl, prostitute. The match ended at the end of Travis’ imbalance, and he was lauded for the joy of the people and was honored by the media for bringing Iris home to his parents. It seems that this event will make Travis “transform” as the motif of the narrative. However, for this movie, I think there is no such thing as the above structure, but Travis has fallen into crisis, insomnia and paranoia. Ends a vicious circle of loneliness and the sickness he is suffering from.

As mentioned above, Taxi drivers are of limited storytelling style, all we know comes from the protagonist. Indeed, having a camera attached to Travis as a silhouette for a large part of the movie has somehow evoked the audience’s loneliness.

The protagonist’s introduction is also a familiar motif of the art film line. The beginning of the film is the dusty office door with the words “credible”. Through that door we saw a man reading attentively. If you notice, we can see that the camera seems to be waiting for someone to come out and step in. Then a man with a brown leather jacket came to the picture from the right, wearing a Bickle T shirt, filming behind the character, and rounding out to take a closer look at Bickle’s face. The first scene is the time for the director to reveal the identity of the character, through the dialogue between Travis and taxi owners know that Travis is a Marine in the Vietnam War, know the age And his education and more importantly Travis would like to drive a taxi at night. However, there was not any information about his parents or whether he had a wife or children? This is entirely in the mind of Scorsese because the director wants to create curiosity for the audience, want the audience to follow the “movement” of the character.

In addition, Scorsese’s style of filmmaking was also shown through the sight of Travis stepping out of the office from the right, then the camera lined up for a row of taxi cabs and then stopped abruptly when Travis caught on the side. left hand. The use of space behind the camera is a common sight in narrative films as this type of film always tries to imitate the space of painting in the Renaissance and space before the stage of nineteenth-century theater. The serial set rule aims to position the audience in the cinema in the way the audience is positioned in the theater – on the fourth invisible wall.

The second scene was filmed at Travis’s house, as he was passionately blogging. Scorsese has used the word processing technique to pass the characters into information for readers, so that we know that Travis’s particular job is to drive a taxi from 6pm to 6am, one Week of 6 days and sometimes a whole week, this seems to break the lane boundaries in Travis but practice taxi drivers always have to pick up the anonymous guests, in the car outside to communicate with the driver. Normally customers do not talk much, it can be said that this is a dull work in the right sense. In the film, we encounter a lot of scenes Travis sitting dashing diary has shown that he is always lonely and want to separate from society, separate from the outside world.

In many instances, the camera seems to have forgotten its mission when it comes to other contexts, unrelated to the protagonist. That’s the section in the campaign office of Charles Pallatine, we caught the conversation between Besty and his colleagues. However, when the scene was pulled near, Besty found Travis sitting in a taxi and watching inside. Then, the camera swung around Travis’s face as if the conversation was based on Travis’ point of view. Scorsese had used the technique twice and in a dialogue between Travis and Besty he let the character say his intentions. “I drive here every day, I see you here, I see. Many people around her, I found the phone and furniture on your desk. ”

The difficult sleep problem, the encounter with the taxi taxis vulgar when tan with no dialogue and love watching Travis sexually as the painting on the picture of a lonely person with the Department Freaky This was the reason why Besty refused to love Travis after Travis invites Besty to go to the movie sex scene as well as the gradual transition from equilibrium to unbalanced state in the film.

In the first 45 minutes it is time for the director to introduce the audience to the character and plot. It can be said that this is a scene showing the loneliness of Travis alone in the whole movie is my favorite part. An image of tragic, sad and gloomy on the background of the music as a pinch into the heart of loneliness and a bit pained. Pity for the fate of humor with strange illnesses and interests and also sad for a lightning affair. The segments of his alone on the taxi with the eyes of melancholy makes us not sobbing.

Receiving a movie that is difficult to accept an art film is even harder. With my limited knowledge of film and the length of the article was quite long so I would like to only analyze the film in the first 45 minutes. Hope to bring a new look, different to you love movies all over the country.

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