Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Certainly anyone realize that nothing lasts forever, even love. For the French diva Edith Piaf, the “Love is eternal”, but with the majority of others, sadly it will disappear in a day, whether in the form or forms other.

Schopenhauer said: “The hero is ashamed for moaning, but groaned for love because when groaning for love, not their own but the whole human kind is groaning” to see that the love and pain suffering is the usual rush of humanity. We know that headlong into an affair, had asked the day before will have the irony of love feelings that will turn into hell.
“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” gives a solution is to create a company that has the ability to erase his memories of another object, variable timeline that next person to become nothing, we again next live our lives as never before that the person appeared. Jim Carey and Kate Winslet plays Clementine and Joel two lovers.

Like every other affair, they met by chance on the beach. They talk, look at each other and the similarities of the soul, found in each of the shortfall can offset, they love each other, live together, but the similarities between breakages as often seen at all the lovers in the world, they started arguing, suspicion, until one day Clementine – in the ebullience of a woman with a strong personality and emotions overflowing always looking to Lacuna decision to clear memories were and are about Joel.

I bet people in this world who are willing to do so block the madness is to erase the memory of his beloved when lovelorn, the desperate suffering. If someone asked you will understand what the hell they go through the loss of that love. Joel disappointed, depressed and sad to discover that he had been removed, he sought the company there to erase memories of Clementine as a revenge. Next there is a series of movie images of their love affair in the first place of Joel, the mirror image of the last time before being removed completely from the brain.

Initially when memories of sorrow, of two people quarrel, it appears easy to be accepted Joel machines remove it from the beginning, but until the beginning madly in love, he no longer return more easily accepted in his subconscious that something knocked up. Subconsciously loved ones dearly unacceptable Clementine erased beautiful memories that were reactive, seeking to retain the gorgeous pictures of Clementine. But how do you get rid of the octopus tentacles are scouring the machinery is entering the brain and gradually erase the memories mirror shadow presence Clementine?

The movie Charlie Kaufman earned the prestigious Oscar for Best Screenplay. Kaufman is the one who likes to bring people to experience by pulling audience to get into another person created the stunning surrealistic world. With “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” he was very successful, both the public are welcome and appreciated critically. Kaufman combined with director Michael Gondry brings a surreal world, but not too hard to understand, a love story full of everyday movements, the time line takes place in Joel’s mind is not difficult to grasp and keep film circuit, it has the advantage to be pleased to see the mass, just makes people feel full view.

Simple craft of film scripts and photographs throughout the story from start to delete until Joel had tried to escape from it is very simple, emotional intimacy and honesty, making the film but surreal but an apparent nod expression of art by Salvador Dali, as viewers may be surprised just admiring both easy feeling. Surreal but full of humor, the funny and cute childish love. Kaufman and Gondry makes viewers think they are watching a real love, a love that comes from a personality girl with differences in lifestyle, and he asked a shy, timid and sentimental.

The romantic setting, a bit of the game “plaque” that two people love each other when they are not strangers to one another and willing to expose all of his bad habits, then the argument to the absurd situations best … the timeline is always transformed from Joel’s mind off to reality, from the quarrel until paragraph before last when they go back again just exquisite sight, making the transition to become dry and hard facts that soft and adorable.

I also used to love and breaking up with emotion very in tune with Joel. Film to a certain time is no longer merely the story of two main characters love each other anymore, but become the preoccupation of remembrance pain, the pain of broken memories, memories filled happy. Happiness before the summit as the current pain as sore. But the memories have to remove the solution, there must be something that we should do? I thought for sure not, because Joel is not desperate, but to work there, because Clementine was just full of pride and self-esteem so high up that he took that find reason to erase the memory company.

When realize the value of the love he has sought to deny the very processes of elimination I’ve ever come and run, run faster out of the memory area under siege and are being ruthlessly deleted . Love is not a game, not as something that can interfere with machinery or god, love gives us all happy without anything else in the world can bring, happiness is beyond quantification of social relationships. So it’s hard to accept that once a person had been received quite the happy again whirled and fear having to bear all these sufferings well. I think that’s almost the only fair between giving and taking.

Love is not only the surface of the heart that touches on subconsciously take up the findings of our hearts think Kaufman but he too was denied it. He denied the machine is also capable of removing deny a deep love in a short time. Joel wakes up after treatment was run to Montauk removed unconsciously can not be explained. Clementine too, she ran to it in the empty feeling of the soul, she must go, must go to somewhere that tells her subconscious to come.

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” – the eternal sunshine of a pure soul. Love in the temporal existence and its natural changes still leave a deep imprint inside lovers, forever a crack in the wall can not be removed. Through the cracks there, the happy experience the brilliant light of his past, the pieces alone, alone but small enough to make the human heart becomes always warm and bright. We hurt, but the pain that is eternal sunshine.

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