“Chance” by Savatage – classic vocals collaborations in the world of rock music

The song “Chance” by Savatage for me is probably one of the best of the 20th century. The song honors Sugihara Chiune, a Japanese diplomat who risked his life to betray the ideals of the Japanese nation to save lives. more than 5,000 Jews from genocide. He was dubbed the Schidler of Japan, which the Jews called special envoys of God.

“When Hitler’s bombardment erupted in Poland in 1939, thousands of refugees fled to neighboring Lithuania. But it was a temporary refuge. In the summer of 1940, before the Soviet event. capturing Lithuania and the Nazi government marching in, their lives were even more threatened.

The difficulty that refugees face is that they need a passport, but no government grants them. A Dutch diplomat secretly plans to take them to the Soviet Union and Japan. But this plan depends on whether they get a Japanese transit visa or not.

In that dark moment Chiune Sugihara appeared, at that time he was the former Consul General of Japan in Kaunas, Lithuania. He issued a visa for Polish refugees whether or not they had legal papers. Tokyo summoned him home. However, at the train station, he continued to distribute those vital visas to people through the train window

His incident saved 5,000 Jews from the massacre and he paid for it with his own work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “- according to wikipedia.

I really like his saying: “I am glad I have the strength to help them.” In the early years of World War II, the Emperor and the mission of the Japanese empire were absolutely sacred and supreme, the action of Sugihara at that time was extremely great – because he listened and followed the impulse of conscience, of the heart!

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