The light on the King Power Stadium

Certainly there were many eyes are attracted by the light gleaming in Bernabeau in this morning, where two candidates Champions League were opposed to each other in the match full of drama, instead of the match on King Power courtyard.

Was understandable, since Leicester City, the team is currently battling for position between rankings domestic, and public opinion condemned by shaky recent internal, how can we win Atletico Madrid seasoned thick in this harsh arena. Especially when Saul Niguez early opener for the visitors.

However, the high flying again makes reigning runner must sweating beads to grip ticket to enter the semifinals. Second half whistle sounded, the shadows blue shirt put up the opponent as the search ephemera light before leaving that life. They have nothing to lose. Then goals from Vardy as a matter of course, opportunities for teacher-student was lit Shakespeare.
Unfortunately people of Leicester City coach is not the legendary poet to be able to write up a romantic story. His last team still fall for dense defense of the Madrid team, although a series of chances were created Vardy and Ulloa.

Blues eliminated is the inevitable result. But what they can still cause those who love English football proud.
Applause resounded incessant cheering when the blue player has the ball. The child held his head full of regret when the home team’s chances of passing. King Power on the field last night, obviously the hope still existed until the last minute.

Leicester City made the correct identity of the England team. Chivalry, resilient and did not shrink from the ledge. Things spiritual giants helped Quartet year how turbulent cause throughout Europe. Deputy spirit brought about the prestigious silver trophy for Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United for over ten years. Deputy spirit that English football fans feel so lucky that it is not lost after all these years of hard pile.

The team are fans doubt very much joining the Champions League but flying high again as the island’s most advanced Mist. They topped their group with an unbeaten record (4 wins, 1 draw). Leicester City continue to express themselves as champions type-Sevilla Europa League at the round of 16. Finally solely to defeat the reigning Champions League runners-up with the game and somewhat resilient to many regrets. First team, King Power Stadium not bad right?

And hope that fighting spirit last night at King Power has lit a light of hope. To awaken the sleeping giant has been too long in the past half decade.

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