Read and feel “Old Man and the Sea” by ERNEST HEMINGWAY

Old Man & The Sea, I thought it was a book for childhood. In the early 30s, hold books that many people read from childhood to read. After reading it, I found it was not a book for childhood, I read and learned many things;).

A work that goes with the years always has its merits! Even the works that don’t go with the years – for example, the feeling of this book is probably useful for someone 😛

Reading the Old Man & the Sea see a great man, an old man with a strong will for his job – fishing, people – whoever chooses a job and persists with it will have success. The old man, after 84 days at sea, he could not catch any fish (84 days is the same as the minimum number of days that the blood donor must follow to be donated next time: D), on the 85th day he set sail with anticipation. There will be a huge fish to him. And indeed, the 6m long swordfish, weighing nearly half a ton, has caught his bait. But it was too strong with the strength He had, He could not win it immediately but was pulled back by it and had to say that “I was caught by the fish”. But people in addition to physical health, there is also mental health, there is also intelligence, thinking. So he let the fish drag him for more than a day in the direction it desired, until it is tired he will use the “wisdom” of mankind to conquer it. That war, He won. And luck does not stay long though that luck has to trade with a lot of strength and endurance. A swordfish about half the size of the boat he was on, could not be placed on the boat, He tied it at the side of the boat. And what a surprise for me when I thought that the old man went home and would be proud of the fishing village for his achievement, especially for the boy, the first shark to appear when sniffing from the stain. the blood of the beautiful and brave swordfish. The first shark and the next two sharks The old man can destroy with all the tools he can bring, but to the next 2 and the whole flock after that, he must give in. He pityed the swordfish that was blown away by the sharks. He returned to the fishing village with the fish’s head and the sword of the fish and a bit of strength dragged him to his tent. But when he recovered, he was certainly at sea – because that was his job.

I also love the boy who takes care of him all the time without asking or nagging him, not to mention he always appreciates him, for he is the greatest fishing old man he has ever known. He always believed in his luck even though the whole fishing village no longer believed. He was like a belief that helped the old man fight the fish all through his days alone at sea. And he will continue his career the way he has been. I believe so!

The story gives us a few lessons:

If any profession is attached to you, then love it, persevere with it, luck will come to you;
Luck is not a long-term existence, but love of career and will is what we need to nourish everyday;
When there is nothing, people still have hope to continue to fight, to continue to live – worthy of their “person”;
Any job will make you think about your work, right / wrong when you do something, even though you have too much experience in the profession.
Be respectful, loving and know more about the things that bring success to your career like the old man and the fish;
Living and working because you still have enough health and spirit to do it ^^;
If you cannot help others as you wish, one way that everyone can do it is to encourage that person to love the profession that they are doing.
Reading and watching movies are great.

Life is impermanent, everything comes and goes, but because we are human and we have a life, live because we want to live like that!

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