Us: The body behind the mask

This is a horror film, IMDb 7.4 with 66k votes, the content is quite attractive and abstract. Films like this can decode in many different directions, so my opinion is not necessarily right.

Pay attention to the rabbit cages, each of which is individually locked in a cage and lined up next to each other, lots of white rabbits, quite a few black rabbits and their cages are almost surrounded by white rabbits. Why are the main actors black? What does the story of the replica tell about people and shadows? Why did they survive? Why does the boy like to wear a mask? Why was the copy boy’s face ruined? Why does the story start from a child? What is the meaning of dance? If you’ve watched the movie, stop for a moment to answer those questions; If you haven’t already, watch it. This movie is quite interesting in that there are 2 completely different implications.

In the real world we live in (not in the movies), you think you’re free, but are you really free? I think not, we have to obey the law – it is the cage we see, we are dominated by social prejudices like the family or religion – the cage that some people see or cannot see. Or another cage is more abstract and difficult to see, for example, look at how Japanese people live, they are passionate about working, success in work is considered a top priority, and other needs of instinct and emotions are suppressed to the extreme; those things create a flourishing Japan, but also create lonely Japanese people who cannot express or share emotions with each other between people and people; Have you seen Japanese movies? They express their emotions too much and not honestly, while the animation is very good. When your instincts and personal emotions are extremely suppressed, it will explode, it’s not strange that the suicide rate in Japan is very high, and they need a place to decompress, you probably won’t be strange. Japanese sex technology hen (laughs), every expression has a reason.

The society itself, achieving its goals, causes people to live meaningless lives, those who live in it without knowing anything, day by day they follow the acclamation of social media. artificial and frivolous “blisses” are attached to something “significant”. But each of us, in addition to the perceived grasp, deep within – the unconscious / subconscious, knows what it really needs, it also includes what is repressed, it knows true happiness What is. Due to repression, the unconscious becomes twisted and sometimes tends to go mad. We can see through the murders, a wife who murdered her husband after a long period of abuse, the young people who shot guns at the schools of the rich when they did not suffer social injustice, murderers series …; that’s when the inner self takes over them and reveals itself.

Why a girl? Because only a child who has not been poisoned will realize the “madness” of the adults and girls because the emotional development of women is always higher than that of men. And in his life, he lived in art (dance) for the purpose of revealing what was inside (when they thought it was sick), and the film’s content also showed that. , that child is the only being who is aware of itself. Do you see the movie poster poster? The masked girl was smiling, she had to wear that mask to live with the people who were living on the surface without even knowing it.

Why is the dance? Because only in the dance, both the awareness and the subconscious are fully expressed in its meaning and beauty, which is the light of God. And the other things that the conscious do with the subconscious are completely meaningless and crazy, they distort the subconscious. The movie also makes it clear, so when the subconsciously sees the dance, it is liberated. Why was the face of the baby boy’s face burned? Because the boy kept doing the meaningless thing is a lighter, he did not burn, but the subconscious lighter was always burning, so he ruined the face of the copy. Remember that consciousness and subconscious always interact, masks subconsciously, the boy in consciousness also masks. Everything I’ve said corresponds to the story between man and shadow.

As for the second implication, it suits black and white rabbit cages, and then blacks. Although all rabbits are locked in cages, over time they get used to and forget about the cage, but because there are too many white rabbits and too few black rabbits, the white rabbits will discriminate against black rabbits. Am I talking about rabbits or about people? Black people are discriminated against in the white world, all of them are living in invisible cages, the stigma forced black people to wear masks for self-defense, a fierce mask, another is friendly, but they themselves – black people always recognize the stigma from around.

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