Everest (2015) – Never give up! (Part 1 of the review)

Located on the Nepal and Tibetan border, Everest Snow Mountain is a spectacular landscape of humanity, a distinct place on earth. Since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first conquered Mount Everest, the number of people trying to conquer the roof of the world is constantly increasing every year. Despite the dangers of weather and accidents climbers face, the mountain attracts many people from all over the world.

And as more people are paying more attention to Everest, veteran mountaineering experts have set up climbing services at each station. In particular, Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) is the leader of Adventure Consultants from New Zealand and Scott Fischer (Jake Gyllenhaal), the leader of Mountain Madness. In addition to the group they also have some members care for climbers such as coordinator Helen (Emily Watson), doctor Sandy (Vanessa Kirby), guy assistant Guy (Sam Worthington), best friend of Rob.

On the morning of May 10, 1996, Rob and Scott decided to join their two crews together and the members would cross the final leg to climb the mountain. Everest. Their crew included the mailman Doug Hansen (John Hawkes), who had climbed up to Everest, donated by the children at the school to donate money to Rob for the organization. Go to the top of the mountain to respond to their longing, Yasuko Namba (Naoko Mori), the only woman who has conquered the six highest peaks, and now she is determined to conquer Everest, the “monster. “The harshest of the world, is the successful Texas entrepreneur – Beck Weathers (Josh Brolin), famous journalist Jon Krakauer (Michael Kelly) and a number of other members. They have persisted through each station to look forward to the highest peak in the world. However, until he reached his dream, he was still a small creature in front of his mother nature. Here are some reasons that you can refer to before enjoying this movie.

Admire the wonders of the world

Mount Everest, known as the “roof of the world” at an altitude of 8848 meters, lies between the Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet, the Chinese border. This mountain is always an interesting challenge for climbers and explorers. At Mount Everest, atmospheric pressure is only about 30% of atmospheric pressure at sea level, meaning that climbers only get 30% of the oxygen on the ground. However, what has shielded Everest attracted so much fondness? The answer lies in its enormous and magical landscape, the feeling of being able to touch the sky when it is only possible to reach out to the sky, that is when we are embraced by the universe, Owns all the most beautiful things in the world. The image of the mountains is high when the ladder is passed as a bridge, viewers can see the depths from their height: overwhelmed but horrified. And before Scott closed his eyes, the last image he saw was the orange of the sun rising from the sun, merging the whiteness of the snow mountains, the beauty of heaven and earth unmatched by nothing. torch.

In addition, viewers will also find the rustic and simple beauty of Nepal, people, young children with friendly smiles and colorful roofs. A land of Buddhism with sacred and mystical features of religion has appeared in Everest, which can make those who like travel want to come here once in their lives.

The epic of peak and never give up

Not everyone involved in Robb’s or Scott’s crew can reach the top, but we can see the happy, satisfied, proud and emotional expression of each member as they set the national flag. I like Yasuko, chokingly leaving their children’s pictures of their dreams like Doug … Everest as a symbol of “the pinnacle” that everyone is trying day by day to reach them, that meaning Also parallel with happiness when finally something is achieved really high and great. In Everest, when Rob advised Beck should return because he does not see the strength of the union, Beck still resolutely not give up, he said: “I want to climb to the top.” The word “peak” or “mountain peak” is repeated many times in a ready, strong position to express the relentless desire of climbers, they have tried ceaselessly in each step. And until they get there, they come back and the snowstorm is exhausting. Some people have died like Yasuko, Doug, Andy Harold … They are not afraid of life, in exchange for a single moment. The most in life is reached “the peak,” and that moment is extremely, is forever when they raised their hands amidst the mountains and snow screams. On the poster / trailer of the film with the words “Never let go”, Rob did not give up Doug, Harold did not leave Rob on the mountain alone, he has returned to supply oxygen to him. Beck never let go of his memory with his family to move on. We will see the main meaning that covers the film is from this statement, through the journey to overcome yourself and the harsh, harsh nature.

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