The Art of using men’s wallet

There is a saying that I really like: “Give me your wallet, I will tell you how much money you have.” A very lovely joke. But actually you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their wallet inside. You can not fold blankets after waking up or throw away paper clutter in your pocket, but with a haunting men’s wallet, you must keep them neat and clean as the clothes you wear on people dress.

Not only with men but with each purse is indispensable when the street. You can replace the bag every day, but no one had time for before heading out to change the way. So as a toy for the investment needed. Time was in high school, I still besotted with the wallet in canvas with graphic prints or Billabong DC. Only when in college and holding a leather wallet first I understood why my father is willing to spend million for a small piece of skin.

As a nature lover and have a sense of environmental protection, I still could not help heart before the leather products. Leather wallets are not only expensive because they look “into” that the characteristics of the skin, over time they gradually soft and their color will change depending on the user. Leather wallets are so used to, but we did not use science as the deformed leather wallet very quickly and I noticed most of the boys are taking such Vietnam lacks a scientific way. In it wrong that so many people make is something also tucked into purses and go well with a thick rectangular Department up in pockets.

Nowadays you do not even measure the thickness of wallet to find anyone more money, sometimes just a yellow card, or platinum is enough so keep your wallet thin as possible. For keeping the thickness of 1 to 1.5 cm is reasonable. There is no reason that you stuffed a bunch of stuff on the 2cm thick wallet to them both.

In the purse of a man you often find 5 things: money, cards, photos, bills and coins can be (if you live abroad). However, you should limit the number of cards in your wallet or images, in my opinion the only one image is enough. And if you want to keep track invoices to finance, you should put them in a book instead of the wallet. Keep wallets thin as possible is the best way for keeping phom. Era who pulled out his wallet now has some cards: Bank cards and also have 5 6 pcs. So for the best when buying pre-select the type of split card compartment like this, it is easier for you to find more tags

The holding a thick wallet after a very sloppy and vulgar especially when you wear trousers and vest. So there is a call for the introduction to suit your wallet can leave in your pocket in the jacket without being critical. But usually thin wallets, card carrying positions and you can only put a few bills inside only.

Color wallet, there are usually two main colors are black and brown. Instead of fancy decorations outside, I saw nothing more beautiful than the wallet with good quality genuine leather and exterior design is simple. However, to reduce boredom, some wallet is dithering opposition or printed pattern on the inside to create focal points is what I really like.

The use of these types of high-grade leather (exotic) as crocodile or ostrich skin are also interesting options. But have you ever heard of using fish skins to make for yet? The fish here is not just catfish, but also fish scales.

Designed for men’s wallet has two outstanding designs are bifold (for folding the two) and trifold (for folding three). For bifold often thinner and more commonly as trifold wallet. However if you need to put things in their wallets or want multiple locations, the trifold card packaging is a more reasonable choice

Recently, however, tend to use the term for the male figure is slowly ascended the throne. This wallets with guys who like to use bags. I find myself using for elongated (long wallet) not gay like many people’s preconceptions. We fashion, class and convenience as well.

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