Norwegian Forest – Haruki Murakami

First published in Japan in 1987. The novel Norwegian Wood is actually a strange phenomenon with 4 million copies sold. And according to current statistics, 1 in 7 Japanese have read “Norwegian Wood”.

I can feel from the inside of my heart almost the emotions and emotions of the characters, with a close connection, even though I have never lived in the 1960s or experienced similar situations.
The book is a short story, describing very honestly about life – where people are very vulnerable. In that trauma, some seek death to escape, others choose to stay for torment. And then, the only thing that can help hurt souls get warmed, is “love”.
“Norwegian Forest” is a successful work in crossing the boundaries of “art and customs”.
When reading a story, there will be sadness in the heart, and the ending will help us realize the wonderful love.
Perhaps this is the most accurate word to describe the content of the Norwegian Forest. The main character, Watanabe, falls in love with his best friend Naoko’s best friend Kizuki. Until now, I see a slight opposition in his work. A very soft but deep voice, it is very close to me and read very easy to understand. The plot is simple and not as philosophical and confusing as the source of Eric Rand, where her pen can make the most knowledgeable people become stubby like a child. 3. Murakami , from the perspective of myself, I feel like he is a Vietnamese, speaking Vietnamese, living in Vietnamese customs, loving Vietnamese culture, … because if you replace the character name is the name Our location, also in our country, is no different from a classic novel written by a Vietnamese writer. But maybe it is completely opposite of thought, about consciousness. His voice is very liberal and the perception of the character is equally clear.

In our country from time immemorial our fathers taught that girls must uphold virtue, preserve virginity, keep the “golden gold” of the woman herself. Because it is very valuable, when lost, losing that fragile hymen means that the value of a woman also declines, seriously decreases, resulting in a moral decline, about personality, about the true worth of a girl.
Despite being a Japanese novel, written by an Asian civilization, more or less influenced by the ideology and prejudices, Murakami pushes his character through the barriers of rule, of dogmatic limits. The master murderer Nagasawa has slept with more than 80 girls despite being invited to his twenties, making me think of Barney in the classic American TV series – How I met your mother.
American culture, you know, a one-night stand is like a meal, this guy sometimes just needs to text a girl “?” And if answered “!” They will sleep together. didn’t say a word, and after finishing his work, he left a printed letter and left only her name and address and left without a trace. Or is the Dominique in the Stream, though she was “caught” by Roak but then because of the circumstances she had to marry two men she didn’t love to and eventually returned to him.
The main thing I want to say here is why with the attitude of closeness and clarity (in scenes depicting scenes, living life or describing a house fire next to the naked paragraph, I do not say) like that, sometimes I think that Watanabe is the guy who falls in love with Viet An – the childhood friend in the Girl from yesterday, or the weak Ngan, in love with Dutch children – who are small to big dare to say a “I love her” in the Eye of the Eye, … they are all pure, simple, innocent (even though he loves Naoko, but he still sleeps with 9 10 other girls as usual.

But in parallel with that innocent and intimate style is a free and open circuit, with very honest details about love and sex. They exist in tandem and torso, supporting each other, making the reader ponder, like chewing like swallowing every word, every detail. Sometimes it feels like a love in the early twenties, sometimes it’s like falling in love with the words full of excitement and curiosity, but sometimes I read it again and again and close my eyes despite the imagination. But if he leads wherever he goes.
Thank you – Murakami – a talented pen who took my soul into a dream realm where everything can become a reality. A fleeting moment in the far sky, a humming afternoon for each song, a dark moment with a few raindrops, a noon waving every nostalgia, letting me feel well up, to reach my soul to the region pepper knife.
Sometimes what you hear people say about something will make you feel skeptical about it, and you may believe it to be true.

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