The Pursuit of Happyness – It’s overcome our fate

Referring to a movie is labeled “based on a true story”, people will often ask ourselves two questions. The first is whether the film has portrayed the whole character of what was really going through, things, events and influences that made them today. Secondly, is also the difficulty of the filmmakers is whether they can break out of the constraints of reality, are two factors balance reality and drama to lead according to their own story to bring a message powerful to viewers.

In my personally, The Pursuit of Happyness is one of many such cases. Not to mention the male lead was handed to Will Smith, actor famous by films such as Bad Boys Action, Men In Black, I Robot, whether he can do anything with a heavy shoulder like this mentality? Ignore all those doubts, I set back and feel the movie to then dumbfounded because of what we just witnessed in nearly two hours.
Tells the story of Chris overcome fate Gardner and her little son, the film begins at a time when the worst things about to happen to him. When old at start-up, Chris with his wife Linda put everything they have into something called “bone cell Counter”, a better medical equipment X-ray machine, but a bit expensive double. And time has proven their investment is somewhat flawed. Unable to pay rent on time, the emotional conflicts within the couple, the difficulties that most middle-class families in the United States to undergo the same.
In her distress, Chris needs to do something to save himself?, Save his little family. One day while on his way to work, he encounters a successful man, and rbang a social conversation Chris realized this was his path: to become a stockbroker. He registered applying for a brokerage firm, but to officially get the job he must undergo six months of training accompanied by defeating dozens of other candidates, anyway this is also the first step on path “life changing” Chris really.
The great things are going in the right orbit is on a rainy night, when the stamina of a woman reaching the limit, Linda decided to leave Chris to bring both Christopher (played by the real son of Will Smith – Jaden Smith). His wife left, was sent off for lack of rent, taxes, huge debts followed behind, the whole world as the immediate collapse Chris. Heaven always tortuous, what the most miserable people usually come to me at once that they could not manage. Like a nightmare down, instead of trying to wake up from it, we just want to sleep, sleep at great length to avoid facing reality was fierce.
See to it you wonder if myself falling into this situation, you would have to do? U give up, to free themselves from this miserable life it? No, absolutely not, that’s what a man should never think about whether to fall into any circumstance. Chris chose the difficult path for himself, he won custody of Christopher firmly for myself, and that is a journey in search of happiness of the father and son began.
In the film there is a quote that Chris himself confided to himself, or rather, is the message that the entire surgical team filmmaker wants to bring to the viewer, the statement said the “Tracing happy”. Because if there really struggling, really striven happiness will never reach you. Both father and son Chris has overcome oneself, struggle, and efforts to reach the final destination, the destination that they are happy with happy though many of us are just the subjective value trousers. There are moments both to sleep in the toilet, the feeling of humiliation that no words can describe it, the tears of the protagonist dragging the viewer’s emotions, the tears of that pain, of understanding.
It would be no exaggeration to say that the whole film is a race of Chris, racing against time, racing against the work. The way Italian director Gabriele Muccino “operating” very respectable character, the character he pushed away from this feeling to all other emotions, while almost touch is to succeed, to be pulled down suddenly , while in the darkest circumstances suddenly sees light at the end of the road. It is these people, the turning point that Chris faced in life has perfected his people. Despite having so many difficulties, but was determined to strive for because he knew his efforts not only for himself, he did not live for himself but also for her little son, the only precious thing remaining back in his miserable life.
The Pursuit of Happyness no big scenes overwhelmed, do not possess the unique camera angles, music is not a strong point of the film, but there are passages that were once viewed as forever exclude forget. In addition to emotional scene when the father and son had to sleep in the bathroom left a subway station, the audience will have dumbfounded when viewed next segment near the end. When the wallet is no longer a trend, notes Chris spent their few colleagues to repair the broken bone scanners, without knowing that it was successful or not. And when the lights flashed from the machine, it’s like an omen, as an instruction for him, in the most miserable time, like a ray of hope lit and Chris soul salvation. And until the final scene of the movie, where Chris was recognized officially in brokerage firms, really successful with thorny path he has chosen. British line of communication between people, busy life line, interspersed with a smile tears, tears of happiness, happiness supreme Department when his sacrifice was rewarded.
Will Smith deserves an Oscar for his role. Still many people have regrets when that year too brilliant Forest Whitaker in “The Last King of Scotland”, but nonetheless this is the role for Will’s life. As the title of the film, “The Pursuit of Happyness”, many will wonder why the “Happyness” is not misspelled or what? But all are profound intentions of the director. Y instead I have to recognize that the definition of “Happiness” in the right way. Happiness is not money or something that followed the pattern, what makes people happy is not necessarily making others happy. Each person has a definition of his own happiness, whether great or simply the small things, the most important thing is to identify what we need is, and then make every effort to find her happy.

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