Zootopia (2016) – The simple ‘s cute and fun!

Zootopia puts onĀ us a fantasy world in which all animals can live together, work together, no killing, no predators and prey. With a hypothetical world, the biggest difficulty is how can the audience integrate into the story, can see themselves in the character to sympathize and track their journey. That was the first problem the scriptwriter had to deal with.

And Zootopia’s Jared Bush was smart enough to tell a story from the perspective of Judy Hopps, the little rabbit who wanted to be a cop to change the world and face the preconceived notion that “rabbits do not do it.” This is the metaphor for the typical man: a normal person has a beautiful dream, trying to assert himself when facing challenges from the commune. foul. From this point of view, the audience easily follows the story of Judy Hopps.

Zootopia’s script does not have any redundant details, all the details work, even some of the details have two or three effects. Each character has a unique role in the story and is clearly portrayed. Zootopia clearly identifies the subject of the film through the first scene recreating the hunt between a tiger and a rabbit. Through Judy’s dialogue, the fantasy world of Zootopia was quickly introduced: this is a society where animals have evolved to a high level and all can live in peace with one another.

I was very keen on scriptwriting right from this first segment as it was a great introduction to Zootopia: just introducing the story world, introducing characters, both theory and visual birth. Motion-can create humor from the reaction, the interaction between the actor and the audience watching the drama in the film.

However, the opening scene of Zootopia’s drama is not just about introducing the world, it also impinges on the audience’s subconscious mind: in reality there are, in fact, everything. It’s not always like what we first saw or resembled before. Indeed, throughout the length of the film, this idea is repeated many times: a fox earning a living as a scammer may have wanted to be a good man, a seemingly innocent little lamb that could hide In his tricks, the gang of black society seemed scary but ultimately helped Judy a lot … This is also the antithesis that the script created to highlight the subject of the film in the slogan. In Zootopia: “Where anyone can be anything.”

With the theme of not being new, Zootopia chooses the form of externalization as a detective story to attract audiences. At first, when the film came out in the second, I was excited to see how Disney would make a detective cartoon. But the more I watch, the more I realize Zootopia is not a true detective movie. But it turns out, Zootopia does not focus on the case (which is very simple) but in the interplay between characters. The film also does not seriously describe the psychology of the culprit, which focuses primarily on the psychology of the investigator. This is a safe, intelligent option for screenwriters because the movie target Disney is aimed at children. This choice gives the film a close, easy-to-understand message; It has an attractive form but not too complicated, confusing.

With so many harmonics used and harmoniously combined, Zootopia will be able to laugh at a wide variety of audiences at varying degrees. In the review, Zootopia has nothing to complain about. Although not perfect, this is a typical Walt Disney movie. If the slightest bit of regret is still the lowest point in terms of the mood of the character is not enough depth, the sadness of the character lacking something subtle and deeply personal to touch. The viewer’s heart makes Zootopia memorable.

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