The book you have to read at least once in your life (THE FOUNTAINHEAD of AYN RAND)!

It took a month to read this 1177 page book, and concluded that everyone should read it, at least once 🙂

I was about to go to sleep with the cough of a few days ago but I still slept forever, so I opened my sister’s lap and wrote her to finish her “debt” with love 😀

March has passed 4 days already, today I still receive a few reviews of love books, feeling ashamed, because I haven’t written anything.

Back to the main point
Introduced through some main characters

1. Roark Howard – Architect, expelled because his teachers taught all the repetitive things, copying the Renaissance architecture to be considered an excellent student. At school, he was also highly appreciated by some teachers but also failed to protect the decision to leave school when he was a third year student. After being expelled from school, he went to Cameron – an architect once famous. , now time is running out, and is engrossed in addiction to work with. Roark has always had a principle of accepting design only for those who accept the condition that they let him decide for himself what the building he designs will look like. This is a principle that makes it very difficult for Roark to apply for jobs at any architectural firm. But he was determined that it was time to win the explosion trial he himself had made for the building he designed for Peter, which had been modified by several guys whom Peter was not brave enough to protect as promised.

2. Peter Keating – a senior architect of Roark, Roark when he was a student had rented Keating’s house to live in, Keating’s mother was very proud of her son, because Peter was highly appreciated by the school, and excellent student, invited by Francon architecture firm to work immediately after graduation. But Peter’s mother never knew her son’s dream / passion was not architecture but painting. But because he lived in the opinion of his mother and those around him, Peter did not dare to live up to his passion like Roark. So Peter is very “admired” Roark in that field – always himself. There were times when Petẻ wanted to return to his painting career but it was too late. Because the fame from his career as an architect took him away, Peter was a handsome, handsome man who always pleases those around him. And so he inherited the entire fortune of Francon’s partner when he died, and became a partner of Francon after only 5 years of work.
3. Dominique – a beautiful girl, living very personal, specializing in writing for the Banner of Wyward in the comment section on architecture. She did a lot of weird things and she had to read the whole book to understand why. But maybe it’s because she loved Roark so much. Because of loving Roark she married Peter Keating and then Wyward (Peter loved another girl, but was not brave enough to marry her – just because society had always considered / and told Peter that You and Dominique are a couple.) And Wyward fell in love with her from the moment he saw the nude sculpture she modeled – loved the charisma of that statue, and he always tried to protect Dominique from that society, until Dominique needed no help. His guards, she openly exposed herself to the press, to stand by Roark at the top of the tallest building invested by Wyward.

4. Toohey – a philosopher of human life, also a journalist for the Banner of Wyward, and a speaker who is trusted by many members of society to believe what he says / writes. The goal of his actions is to make people dependent on each other, forget their egos, and always sacrifice for others. The big ambition is that this society cannot grow as it should – so I think he’s an enemy of Roark and not Wyward (which Cameron advised Roark to before he died)

5. Wyward: Born from an orphan, joins a street gang and gets taught by the gang’s boss for a lesson on the idea of robbing in the middle of the day while the rest tell him to rob night, experiencing that attack, Wyward won and became the leader of that gang. After that, he had a fight with a certain gang and nearly died, had to drag on the sewer of the city that no one cares, he knocked on the door of a pub and the owner opened the door to then shut the door, and fortunately someone else reached out and saved the little Wyward. And later, with his own strength, with two weeks of sitting and waiting on the stairs of the newspaper editorial office, he was admitted to the staff of the newsroom, only for his ingenuity and tricks – very In keeping with the trend of the times, he owned the newspaper, changed its name, and rose to a giant that everyone must respect. He uses people like to tease people – just because he needs salary and reputation when working for him. For example, if Mr. A likes to sing, he asks him to write about technique. A technical guy recruited to write for the culinary column … yet they all accepted.

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