“Imaginaerum” (Nightwish) – Finding memories

Why do I like to write like that, in my mind what to write down that always inspires, always demanding, always a demand coming from inside an intense, sometimes on the road I just wish the price what can a machine that can transfer voice, thoughts into words, perhaps in the short journey despite her long though all ideas will be saved, was taken to a coherent way on the paper. Because I want to keep the memories of his life, I do not want to forget, to ignore any memories at all, all the memories are priced, the cost of life and existence. 

Moreover, not only is saving your memories I want to save the memories of others to have a certain bond with me, talked to me, told me about their lives, has I saw their lives. I want to save all. Therefore, I write more, write whenever possible, in my laptop, on your Evernote software, full text, full of short-term posts, finishing it or not, writing babble or particular purpose, sometimes I just write the deadlock but lost and I can not stop, I that stops, then the brain which can not afford to keep good memories as I will remove it mat.Nhu affair the level 2 plot my students to her neighbor is filled with sentimental love letters written by hand mouths, now I do not remember what I wrote, I do not remember how I fell in love like in the age wild awkward kid there. Not only I write, I also encourage you or I have to write, I have to write about whatever you have gone through, the exciting experiences of the trip, the meeting, the impression in my life, I have to write about books you’ve read, e must have felt about the movie you see, all is never redundant, it will help your memory is always in a state loaded with energy to obtain a good way most new memories.
Pain Of Salvation’s Daniel told me indirectly that he was afraid of death because death will make all our memories completely shattered and disappeared. And a band Nightwish Symphony Metal, Gothic Metal has to tell a story so close to the memories of a lost old musician was in a coma. The film is the pieces of the past and present, the mixture of realism and surrealism. Through mind is full of musicians disturbance Thomas Whitman, was put on the distant past in a mythological world when he was a child in the orphanage where he’s in the room with a friend named Ann. He is the guy who returned skyward snow into a surreal space where 10-year-old boy Thomas met his youth playing in a band, then he saw the scene and his father talk … memories blur in a head no longer lucid, wrinkles contains memories were drunk scratch, which met Thomas went back the familiar faces of the past, look at the stories of suffering of my life, wife died, declared suicide, leaving her little daughter … A string of sad memories and traumatic injury shattered. In reality, the daughter he always blamed, always hated him as one who abandoned her, a father who has no love. Influenced by Tim Burton with creating character as well as use many effects CGI and special effects of the Imaginaerum world is extremely beautiful, the beauty of the dark colors of the memories, the dark red color white contrast is very impressive, unmistakable be in a film with music as the main Gothic. Strength bigger picture both stories are told, sharp and impressive. The symbolic character throughout the film following to say past and present, reality and surreal like a snowball, lead soldiers, double tickets to the circus …
The film is not an excellent story like Pink Floyd did it in The Wall, stories have gone too fast with many circumstances be attributed not effective and the connection between the missing footage convince. However, ignoring all that this is a movie worth watching music with amazing music of Nightwish album Imaginaerum and a message full of reflection. “
When you get old enough you do not fear death anymore, you wait for it. And, after a while, you hope for it, if you do not admit even level it. Do you know why? Because Losing Your Mind is before you go is worse than dying. “
Dying moments of Thomas had forced him to go find his memories with a hallucinated voyage. Memories though grief or joy, it will be the creator of his people to make up ourselves, we are born and survive by a system of stories that each story will lose leaving a blank space for his flustered. Thomas Witman or is the keyboardist and lyricist for the song of Nightwish Tuomas Holopainen was afraid of losing his memories, he pushed it all into music, because there is a “great sign pots” that through through her memories are beating the rhythm along with wonderful music which he composed, has slowly been dragged up memories of a seemingly lost people with dementia and is in a coma. 
That is the magic of “external memory” as well we can not stuffed everything into his brain, especially the memories of sadness, memories that I fear at the thought of touching, memories that we just wanted to get buried deep down into yourself to never be able to touch again. But we must not lose, because the flaw as only caused me pain, there is nothing more valuable in an external storage, Thomas is a musical genius, so he chose to convey in his songs themselves. Murakami chose to save somewhere in the novel character that I write up, Quentin Tarantino film chosen to remember a time his passion for movies, simpler as I sit to write down what I think, what I was feeling went through was to enjoy or have suffered excruciating pain. I do not want to lose any memories. Thomas Whitman when dying have realized that.
Music is the greatest thing on earth. Do not have any public events in the life of either big or small without closely associated with music. sometime if we do not depend on music to your emotions, if anyone does not suddenly overheard a certain song without thinking of somewhere far away in the past, a smile, a glance, a kiss, or a particular trip or worse, the absence lovelorn night. Music is in all things, the music was kept great memories, is a known snowball appropriate tone emitted when we search for something in the past. I can not imagine how my life would without music, then it is sure to linger as undead trying to think of what was once his. Without music, I could not find a way out, even though we may not be music to find a way out but it will certainly soothe the soul. Until now no longer Metal Symphony is my favorite genre, I prefer something more profound, deposition and smooth, deep bass and crazy inside, I chose to go forward Prog Rock road soothe your soul. But this album is different Nightwish, I really liked the quality of music, the message the album want to target, and another reason is that I had the opportunity to go see this tour of Nightwish album, I saw the fire, I saw strong, I see the charm, the astute and gifted of a veteran band. With crystal-clear voice and Annette Olson’s soaring along with the strong tone from the lead voice, drums, guitar chords, harmonies a great album.
Though a much darker story implies, and put into a fantasy world of memories but Holopainen has said that he wants to convey a positive message about Carpe Diem, on the top of life in a world full of the good things of this love. This message through drama is not clear, but one thing that he has done that is transmitted at about the wonderful memories. Each memory is a moment in life, every moment of which are worth keeping and integrity reserved. I can not stand the fact that I had to forget his many memories, while memories had made me pain and sorrow, but without it I do not know whether there I know who I am? Murakami said in Kafka on the Shore that: “Memories from the inside warm you up. But tear you apart chĂșng am also. “. In all cases, the memories, what lies in the past, what has made me somewhat revealing the nature that we can not know if we had not gone through it so beautiful, and I really heating of the cold winter night, in the summer day in the blazing sun to sink floating all his life.

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