“Hygiene and the Assassin” (Amélie Nothomb)

In this world, I have heard there is a kind of eternal love of those who love each other from childhood “myricaceae architecture code” until “the first silver dragon teeth”. There the smoldering fire, flaming fence of first love when people are prepared to take on the “first” in their lives. By taking the tears and the fear of the journalists, Nobel Prize-winning author Tach Pretextat spent his first love, to conceal the murder during decades. 

Pretextat Tach is a sick old man, fat, polio. The old contempt, scorn, and the old spit all dying. Journalists are always followers as if the old Tach Pretextat is the jewel of the media that just moi is even a little bit of information was enough to feed their families for a month. They accept humiliation, denied by Tach. They also do not know and have never read the works of Tach. It is well known that Tach arguably his disgust is enough to press operators, but especially when the old is hiding shocking secret.
Four reporters have interviewed Tach leave in defeat, humiliation because heavy offended. They almost powerless against efforts to defeat someone who is bedridden. The first page of the book is the dialogue which he abused journalists. A series of stinging words, complacent, vulgar but still flying butterflies and literally. The idea Tach’re insulted, spit on the media and the whole world. They even gagging because he could not tolerate the words and thoughts of the old Tach heinous. Yet the old house a Nobel laureate that body. It did so funny and ironic.
Then a reporter appeared. Her name is Nina, very smart, particularly knowledgeable and thorough about people and all the books of Tach. Then gradually the shocking secret is revealed by way of extremely delicate conversation, even Nina’s cunning. She won the match with a head up position, used the vitriolic rhetoric that flourishes that Tach for journalists to meet directly at his face: “Tell him that you? Must really love can depravity is he “,” Make him happy, which makes me disgusted. No one can be happy with any value for him “, …
Tach has an unfinished novel entitled “Memoirs of a murderer”, but only much later, Nina was the first known autobiography that his life, sin journey, journey becoming an aging eccentric genius. Tach sick old man to have love  when puberty stops. Surely you read headaches are wondering why one can make love before puberty? Tach is so, and the old will tell you his story its sensitivity by a conversation with Nina damage. The old love purity, pristine virginity. Aging loved ones of his own virginity and uphold the old hates masturbation by women. Why? Lao never loved it?
Readers will be overwhelmed, even amazed Tach language skills, as well as mask making old things, whether they are worthless and disgusting but it became famous writer. “Masturbation is a noble use of hand”, “A simple hand, can humble himself held an event this size complex, costly, difficult staged and contained many moods as love ual, it was not great or what? The hand of this kind are not frumpy also bring much just (if not more) horizontal pleasure with a woman and expensive with the cost of maintenance, it’s not amazing or what? “
Amélie Nothomb’s novel with his debut was a massive shock to the literature on the subject’s controversial “Memoirs of a murderer” (English title “Hygiene and the Assassin”). The book was developed by the dialogue but the reader will not feel anxious even split by language of Amélie Nothomb fascinated and enthralled from the first line to the last.
Books like “Memoirs killers” will not teach you anything about life, human, philosophical worldview, but it demonstrates the tremendous power of words, of the book. That’s what most impresses Amélie Nothomb was for me after more than 200 pages.

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