“Fifty Shades Darker” Pt 2 – Emotional assessment

After two years of waiting, the fans of Fifty Shades of Gray finally discover the secret of the Red Room, featuring the hottest scenes of the couple – the billionaire guy Christian and the student girl Anastasia .

Part two welcomes new faces, including the appearance of Elena Lincoln played by Kim Basinger, the first “teacher” to lead Christian BDSM and dangerous ex-lover Leila Williams (Bella Heathcote).

This time back is welcome but less noisy than the first, the audience is less curious. The footage is carefully carved, bringing more luxurious colors, more magical and sensational.

James Foley replaces female director Sam Taylor-Johnson to direct the second. Meanwhile, Niall Leonard – the husband of novelist E.L. James, writing script. However, do these changes make the second part more exciting, exciting and stimulating? Will this comeback get brick as the head full of scandal?

We have created a list of comments from film commentators, and we would like not to disclose their identity.

First evaluation:
Leonard is too loyal to his wife’s original storyline, resulting in a boring story that can not reach the thrilling level the movie promises. Partially romantic, sensational and psychological, Darker does not show the substance of any of these genres, instead it is a half-hearted movie that is not sexy enough and does not have a lot of humor. . Darker does not have the plot nor does it create real tension. Any “remarkable” details in the storyline: dangerous stalkers, scary cowards, helicopter missions, all dealt with quickly, causing the audience to forget for a moment. . Not a single thing that makes the audience nervous to wonder whether this beautiful but hollow pair come together at the end of the film. The last remaining traces show the couple’s personality is that they are too attractive to the enemy, and so two people stick together from the beginning to the end of the film.

The appeal of the film is based mainly on the interaction of duo starring Dornan and Johnson. But that interplay of emotions did not exist, even when the naked duet together on the soundtrack was a musical piece taken from the Gray’s Anatomy. Not only is there a lack of interaction in acting, there is a lack of empathy for a sense of power: Christian domination and control in opposition to subordination. Anastasia.

The commendable thing is that the beautiful and sexy lead duo naturally show bold scenes in this section, but, in general, the movie is like an unwanted collaborative work between Two Hallmark channels (psycho-emotional film) and Playboy. Screenwriter Niall Leonard first wrote the script for a movie and resulted in a boring, trivial, even worse version of the first.

However, this film has serious structural problems. Director James Foley, who has experience in many TV series, tried to sort out the elements from the original novel but could not make the film better. James’s approach lacks the gentle comedy that still appears in the previous film. Perhaps the most funny part is that the Chronicles of Riddick poster appeared in the room of Christian childhood, unrelated to his deviant sexual preferences. A plus of the film, of course, is that the cast possesses an attractive appearance, both wearing and … not wearing.

Fifty Shades Darker is a forgotten experience, not because of gothic eroticism but because it’s so boring. The movie certainly has the advantage of flamboyant gimmicks, crowd tastes, and sex scenes that go beyond normal limits. However, leading the story in the style of television psychology with the villain is easy to guess and do too. Closing a film to open a third that certainly will not be better than the previous two.

There are a lot of sex scenes labeled R, a series of repeated conversations about Christianity’s sexuality, and many unspeakable situations that Dornan and Johnson look at each other for long. But basically none of the details create suspense, even a story worth keeping in mind … This season of Valentine, the audience looking to find a little “inspiration” to choose or go to the cinema see Fifty. Shades or at home. It is not difficult to understand when the first success at the box office so poor quality though. That’s because adult audiences are so thirsty for erotic entertainment products. But they deserve to enjoy a lesser quality work than this.

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