Somethings to avoid during leg muscles exercise

In addition to focus on leg muscles workouts at the gym, you should also pay attention to the tips of people who already have experience, that will help you train more effectively and avoid many false more mistakes and injuries.

Today, I will introduce to you four things to avoid when training leg muscles to achieve the highest efficiency while ensuring safety.
1. Do not put your feet are firmly on weightlifting machine
When performing weightlifting movements by 2 foot pedal machine (as shown), then you should not be absolute freedom heel to leave them lying in the plane full. With practiced movements this leg muscles, using only the upper part of the leg to push will do a great influence on calf and ankle after suffering the impact force is too large. To perform this action you have determined that the following thigh and calf section will be training at the same time and the most.
2. Ignore the following thigh exercises
Later developed thigh muscles and thigh muscles evenly in advance to create a solid and comprehensive foot. But many people only pay attention to training thigh muscle before. To exercise the thigh muscles, you can perform the movements practiced tummy, pulling tripod weights, lunges Squat, Squat Basic.
3. Do not pay attention to keeping your back straight
When performing the exercises with barbell Squat blow, you should pay special attention to their backs. When not keep the back straight, you will see the following two consequences: first problem is likely your back injury, causing the back pain lasts seriously affect the process of bodybuilding workouts you. The second problem is effectively set by the leg muscles will not high pressure part of the barbell moves will not affect the correct angle to increase the challenge for the leg muscles.
4. Do exercises run / walk
You do not just think of these exercises leg muscles at the gym that ignore leg muscle training method is very simple but it is effective jogging. When you’re too tired of stuffy air in the gym, go out and apply the method to practice this leg muscles. You’ll just be practicing, just relax and enjoy the open space, fresh surroundings.

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