Mr Nobody and physical loneliness

This is a movie that I really want to write but to fully express its message is quite difficult. Because this film is about the most basic problems or desires of people – how to have a happy life without regrets. It is worth mentioning that no matter how perfect your life is, there will never be regrets about things that are very important to you, so that when you think back, you wish you would choose that. This is not like that.

Let’s suppose that you have a supernatural ability to go back to that time to change – what the main character in the movie has. That is, then we can choose every possibility, change the result as we want. Just like you are at the intersection of countless roads, normally we can only choose one, because we have only one body, each choice or each path will take us somewhere, creating a single life. If you can choose multiple paths, you will have countless destinations at the same time, then there will be countless choices on each previous choice, you will have life created exponentially. . Having achieved that ability will you have a happy life?

Theoretically you can have a fulfilling life, but in fact you always need to “live” rather than spending all the time just to do one thing is to change the outcome of your life, which each results in when dependent on very small things, a saying, a look, even just an expression of emotions on the face. In addition, most things that happen do not depend on yourself, they are in the billions of billions of impacts of the whole world. So should we wish we could control the world? If so, then it becomes our own game, or between us and our puppet. Being able to go back and fix the mistake has somehow turned everything around us into a puppet. In fact, there are countless people whose lives become puppets of others, spouses being puppets of the other, children being puppets of parents, in the absence of freedom of choice, each who became someone’s puppet or something.

In Mr N love, there are 3 different choices, 3 paths though changed many times about choices but suffering always appears. The perfect girl to fall in love with cannot avoid being separated, this is his greatest pain. A girl who loves a bad name, even though Mr. N achieves it, she is always obsessed with her former lover. A girl who can be the perfect wife but lacks passion in love. Each option Mr N has is never perfect as he wants, pain always appears in one form or another.

In the movies we sometimes come across Mr. N’s lives that seem to be myths, that is in the madhouse, in the future world, in the spaceship. Are these dreams reflecting what goes on in Mr. N’s mind? Probably right, maybe not. In real life, if we look, we will see countless people living a seemingly mythical life, but that myth is their real life. Real or fake is not in the situation, but in the emotion we have when it is in it. There are dreams that are more real than the real life we live, which makes us love, fear, regret and then wake up for the rest of our lives we still cannot forget, even though we have forgotten forever Ha sa number what is happening in reality. What makes us feel we live not in real or virtual but in the emotional meaning we bring to us. Maybe every life that Mr. N chooses is virtual but they are also true in everything he wants and in the pain that he must receive.

Many times, results are not the most important thing but the things that make us feel “alive”, even though they seem to bring us the most pain. Because pain is inevitable when happiness is gone. Pain is a reflection of happiness, love – the greater the happiness, the deeper the pain, but life is never eternal. Man can run away from pain, not face it, but then, we wonder who we are in our own escape? Who am we or not?

Mr N has countless lives, but in the end, what he chooses is the life that makes him want to live the most, the most meaningful though it is also the most painful. What about us? Are we living the life we find most meaningful? Or what we or most of us are doing is turning our backs on it because we can’t deal with the pain? But if so, who are we in this life?

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