Carlito’s Way (1993) – We can change your life…

How is the possibility that we can not change our human mind in our past? Affordable when to crime, we can not be washed in order to live a new life, despite the maturity of thinking, and the language of the age-wise? Carlito’s Way takes us into anxiety that, when building a story about a gangster wants to change his life after prison. But it seems impossible. Brian De Palma directed and actor Al Pacino again, after 10 years since the film Scarface (1993), gives us a wonderful film about gang genre, Carlito’s Way.

Background place in New York City, where the Italian criminal gangs, Latinos and blacks are active and colonized different areas. Meanwhile, Carlito was released from prison after five years imprisoned on charges of medications trafficking and murder. Carlito has been a blood gangster face. One who by his own words recalled, has hand built a reputation for those immigrants came from Latin America where blacks and Italians do not consider them anything. Despite 30 years in prison, but with the help of hand Kleinfeld lawyer buddy (Sean Pean), Carlito was released from prison ahead of schedule. To pride speech to the jury he had seen a man portrait confident, wise, and full autonomy. But Carlito does not want to follow the old path again. The years in prison for helping him realize his life, he wanted to live in peace, want to Panama to rebuild his life.
But to get there and back on your life, Carlito need money. He thought that if their business properly and stay out of trouble, he will do business peacefully. Carlito receiving a bar manager. Surely that’s the last place he should work. Bars, places frequented by a young gangster Benny Blanco (John Leguizamo), tempered ambition is to become a different Carlito. He respected Carlito but dangerous. Perhaps, Carlito had such youth. Therefore he despised, and hated him. Carlito said he had acted wrong. Wisdom, and a gangster instincts tell me that. But he no longer wanted to take the old road again, and can not escape the old way if still follow your instincts.
The film was to report back through the words of Carlito. The words out of his mind, tells us that a person is really looking forward to a normal life, just want to earn enough money for the one you love to go to the island paradise in Panama avoid all non-market, away from the old life in peril. He wrestled with the choice, confused by his actions that have to decide when all around you is full of gangsters, and dealing with his own reputation had.
Too difficult. Carlito owed his friend, lawyer Kleinfeid hand for helping her out of jail. While Kleinfeid growing addiction, greed and depravity. “When you get older we become more susceptible to removal, because someone we trust”. In his thoughts flow, Carlito had said. You believe and loyal to his friends, only to do the things that he does not want. Every time he was about to secede, he is once again deep into. As if he were caught in a spider’s web, and no way to flee from it. Perhaps those years in prison brings wisdom, but also made him too naive.
Carlito’s Way is like the adult version of Scarface. In the Scarface, Tony Montana from an impoverished Cuban immigrant has matured into medications trafficking bosses, and died of his own greed. Carlito’s like Tony Montana maturity before it is too late. Carlito understand the precarious life of a gangster, it gives people the power and freedom, and it also puts us in a situation always in danger, and an endless spiral of killings and money . Perhaps for that reason, that after 10 years, Al Pacino was still doing so good, when playing a gangster wanted to retire. The eyes always thoughtful and sad. Assertive voice and warm. The drastic nature instinct for survival. And allegiance to the same attitude with friends as a vital principle of his gangster still represents excellent. Scarface is an icon, and that’s Carlito considered meaningless symbols, it is only for the young people growing up, still dreaming of power and due to a gangster.
The film is the footage is very expensive. As the beginning of the film, when Carlito gunfight with the one that killed his nephew, or chase sequence near the end of the film in a terminal. Brian De Palma has to find the corner of the machine, and how staging, making them very attractive, creating emotional threat, danger and excitement. And especially how to build character Carlito, starring Al Pacino’s ingenious. Carlito is full temperament of a man, one who had extravagant became a calm man, full of love, but never forget their obligations to a friend, and trust the people to follow themselves. He knew that it would kill me, but I still do, because he was unable to act against his conscience, left his man. “And that he is human, he is the one new show.” Carlito told her lover that, when deciding to help friends.
80-90 decade of the last century was a golden era of gangster movies, films like Scarface, Casino, Goodfellas brought a dreamy world for young people. Those who are eager to be free, and the feeling of freedom as gangster nothing is clear. An order by going out the framework of dogma, of rigid social rules, is a freedom to express themselves are? And can do what they want.

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