It’s time for Sarri…

It is too terrible, the distance of 6 goals in a match between the top two representatives in the Premier League is an uncommon ratio. But yesterday Pep Guardiola and his students simply proved that it was true. The last time a representative from Manchester created a distance up to 6 goals in the opponent’s net was 8 years ago. When the old man was still leading Manchester United, Professor Wenger still kept the hot seat at Arsenal, while Liverpool were struggling in the post-Benitez days. A defeat not only engulfed Chelsea’s ambition, but it also inadvertently struck a pain on Sarri, who was faced with criticism from Chelsea fans.

Honestly, it is difficult to ask a newcomer like Sarri to make an immediate impact. But the Italian coach was clearly the best conditions to optimize Chelsea’s play. He needed Jorginho, Chelsea’s outfit was bold enough to bring Jorginho back, he wanted Higuain, they brought him back, all the people he needed, Chelsea arranged to spend money, but it seemed that is not enough. Sarri seems to forget that she is leading a team in the Premier League, the tournament requires not only superficial tactical thinking, but also the coaches need their players to be in good condition. at the best.
He brought back Jorginho and put him in the position of defensive midfielder, but the Brazilian-born player was out of place in that position. He has a mindset in passing, but his ability to dispute makes Jorginho himself lost. In the mist, they need a Matic defensive midfielder or if he has a small, he needs to be like … Kante. Ironically, in the hands of Sarri Kante is available, but the way he uses him makes people not understand. The attacking midfielder deviates right? Sarri, are you out of your mind and you are not a former financial worker? Did you forget the way Kante used to crush the middle line of 19 British representatives and take Chelsea to the championship just 2 years ago? He was born to make a scanner and to destroy the opponent’s playstyle, not to become a second-generation Seedolf. Speaking a little bit about Seedolf, the former Milan midfielder played in the same tactical system as Chelsea’s Sarri, but unlike the other Kante, Seedolf ​​could shoot as far away as one, Seedolf ​​could also cross. superior to Kante, and above all, Seedolf ​​possesses a higher technical background than Kante. And yet, the player next to Seedolf ​​was the best regista in the world of contemporary football, Pirlo. Pirlo possesses a higher vision than Jorginho, the ability to go ball is also higher, and above all, when needed, the other student can perfectly leverage the ball. To put it bluntly, Sarri has the people he needs, but the play he is building is not reasonable.
You leave a regista like Jorginho playing next to a destroyer like Kante instead of someone else who can only equal 1/10 of Seedolf. The successful Jorginho in Italy is because in Italy, they play the ball on tactics and control, the football matches in Italy are not too rushing and the speed is not so fast as in England, so in the land of boots and regista like Jorginho has a lot of acting land. But in the UK, people need a defensive midfielder to be fast, strong, and have to shoot well. Jorginho can shoot and pass very well, but he is not too fast, he is not too strong, implying he is lost in the power of the Premier League. What Sarri should probably wish for, is that he should wish he understood a little more about English football. The former Napoli coach proved too rushed to bring back Jorginho; he may not be wrong to ask for a quality rookie, but Sarri is wrong to bring back a person who will be hard to match the environment of speed and strength like the Premier League.
Yesterday’s defeat proved how wrong Sarri was when she trusted Jorginho too much. When the Italian eye was choked with space, Chelsea went hungry. No matter how good Hazard is, the Belgian owner cannot bear a collective of Chelsea who are losing their identity and have no control over how many balls. Maybe, it’s time he changed it Sarri! It’s time for Sarri!

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