Two Fate – Jeffrey Archer

Take the “Two Fate” by Jeffrey Archer once carrying “Source” to a friend three months ago, and until the New Year holidays he read about 100 pages a day.

A fascinating story about the lives of two men – if one assumes the author turns into two women, then the story is not translated into Vietnamese (slightly influenced by the thought of “ Committed ”: P)

The novel “Two fates” describes the lives of two people from birth to death.

They are different from birth, one was born by the stream and his mother died shortly after trying to give birth to him himself, the other was welcomed by both his grandmother and grandmother and his parents. every moment; one had to suffer from day-to-day feeding from the milk of a adoptive mother, to being in a dark cellar for four consecutive years right in his own castle because of the war, witnessing the tragic death of those loved from a very young age, suffered from an arduous imprisonment close to death by every inch of his life as a 12-year-old boy, the other one lived in velvet without having to worry about anything until his biological father. He died in the sinking of the Titanic.

They are alike by the will and pride of the lineages they carry within themselves. One is the son of a baron of a region in Poland, the other is the son of a banker. Both take family traditions as the basis for their lifelong efforts.

They are alike by the upright integrity of each person’s work.

They are alike by the very careful and thoughtful upbringing of the family from an early age.

“Two fates” show that life seems long, but also very short.

“Two fates” shows that rich people are really rich, but they don’t have much better sleep than normal people.

The “two fates” show that rich people easily lose all their wealth and reputation just because of risky decisions – but in the end, no one in the world cares about those things. Later J

The “two fates” show that rich people work not for money, but for other things like pride, family tradition, honor … and then they do it for greed, for regret. the efforts they have made in achieving that achievement, they want to control all the problems that are difficult to let go – well, does the life of a human have to be like that?

The “two fates” show that the rich are also willing to give up their positions to join the war, to suffer the war to show how much they hate their enemies.

The “two fates” show us the personal ego is not necessary in life, because it is a barrier between ourselves and happiness and peace.

“Two fates” show us how people run a bank, a hotel in a capitalist society J, how people keep their trust with each other, how people communicate and learn information. About each other…

The “two fates” show the family life of the rich, the children of the rich but still study too seriously and always want to prove themselves because of the reputation of the family, not rely on the reputation of the family to spend and enjoy like we still see here in today’s society.

The “two fates” show that the love of the West is also full of fidelity and understanding, the loneliness of people is the same everywhere, and not everyone who wants happiness is happy with you J

The “two fates” show us that we need to study more seriously, more thoughtfully 😀 – don’t know if we can do that, but I probably won’t be as dumb as those stubborn old men.

The “two fates” as an example show us how the life of a person from birth to death can be lived in situations, whether it is the most difficult or the most aura, whether lonely or happiest, and there is nothing fair here là

There is much more in these 636 pages of fascinating novels, which is like watching a movie with fascinating details and has much to learn, from parenting, life-oriented and religious. the right to choose and the way we learn, study, the way we play with our friends and trust them, the way we love a person and live with that person, the way we look at society and react to events in my life … a novel worth reading!

And this year will be able to read at least 1 novel with so many pages more.

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