GAMBAS AL AJILLO (Sauced Shrimp with Garlic) – A drunk night in Barcelona

This time I often come back home late, It have been a lot of days on the way back there was only her and the darkness, the top mortgage distressed moon hanging, underground patchy shade trees, neither shadow remarkably sharp that just dim, blurred by moonlight in a day of clouds hovering is not powerful as much as possible.

Nights that go alone are thought or thought, think about people and think back to yourself. Role and then see the character of “restaurant owner” is often the film is not too bad to say. At the very least, he is the late of all those who work in the restaurant, who is responsible for all the invisible things that ordinary employees do not know, sometimes scolded only To work together smoothly and everything into the right turn. It is responsibility, great power how the responsibility should be so, an irresponsible boss no one is looking at his words, a boss does not act can not have people follow their steps. The real owner of a restaurant is not a free man who is free to eat, enjoy and enjoy, he can do his own way in his troubles, because no one seriously takes his life away. The responsibility to pull people from day to day, day in and day out, if enough patience to overcome the groggy phase, then work will be merging into life, we learn to balance the work Work with all the other factors. Today’s entry into this entry has been a big step forward in balancing life between the jumble of “career” is left for themselves.

Come home late with an empty stomach, I think of the Spanish way of life, the fun crowd in the Tapas, enjoying wine and tapas at the hour we were preparing to go to bed ( 9-11 pm). If you do not know this culture, perhaps people will think that everyone here is busy to late night to find the food. But in fact their daily life is so, the Spaniards take a very long lunch and only return to work at 4pm, continuing until dark. That is why their dinner usually starts at 9 o’clock, a meal with friends with many small portions served with wine, listening to the noble heels of a favorite nation. Late at night, I just wanted to ask a few close friends, or a co-worker to take tapas, just eating the night.

I have tried Tapas in Spain once, in the heart of Barcelona. If you ask me most impressed with what is in the capital of Catalonia, the answer is the harbor with white sails and shrimp, red shrimp, brilliant at a corner of the market. Then the shrimp in the Tapas, aromatic garlands, spicy spicy tongue and sweet parsley fragments in the post. Tapas nights are filled with gusto and flamenco music is echoing through the small streets that run between the old blockhouses, the brown shutters that have peeled off, the black iron railings have turned reddish brown and the roofs The tile is bright red like the tail of the shrimp up from the small bowl.


– 4 Tbsp olive oil.
– 1 garlic, sliced.
– 20 big shrimps, slit back and give up.
– 2 dried chillies.
– 50ml of white wine
– Parsley, chopped.
– A lemon, cut into 4 pieces.
– A baguette dried bread

How To Make
Heat the oil, add the garlic and stir until golden brown. Take care not to burn garlic.
Add the shrimp to the pan with chilli, stir until red, add the wine and add about 1 minute.
Shrimp in small bowl deep crushed, sprinkle parsley on top. Including toast and lemon.

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