Ben-Hur (2016) – Unsuccessfull remaked movie

Before this movie has┬áreleased, there’re many people in the movie industry are worried about the recklessness of this 2016 team. Using the word “big challenge” is not enough for this project by Timur Bekambetov, which is exactly the word “crazy”, because no one dare to bet Ben Hur 2016 will match the successful version on 1959.

And rightly so, it would be a great lame companion to compare Ben Hur 2016 with William Wyler’s 1959, but if you consider this to be one of the adaptations of 1880’s original book by Lew Wallace. This film is an acceptable choice for visual satisfaction. This can be seen as the Fast and Furious version of the Roman racing circuit, Circus Maximus, with chariot horse racing really fierce and cruel. It was Ben Hur’s score by Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) when he re-created the scene of bloodshed, pushing, trampling, dragging on the track, between fog It’s 10 minutes to describe the cruelty of life, death as fast as a horse’s footsteps, and bloodthirsty bloodthirsty crowds swooning in and overwhelmed by victory. In any fight, any time.

Judah Ben Hur (Jack Huston) and his Roman-born brother Messa, Toby Kebbell. Both men quickly show their affection for Jerusalem, such as the spirit of united struggle to win the yoke of the oppressive Pontius Pilate. But the “filthy” past from his grandmother emblazoned Messala, which made him decide to leave for the Roman battle. During that time, Ben Hur continued his royal life, compassion and a happy family with his beautiful wife. Efforts to prove himself a Roman warrior, Messala accepts solitude and turns himself into a bloodthirsty warrior. Many years passed, Messala returned to entice Ben Hur Roman, failed to reach the goal so he ruthlessly assisted Rome slaughtered the family and criminalized Ben Hur traitors, pushing him into the road slave.

From the bustling Jarusalem, the lively exchanges of God’s land, the film quickly moves to the second important chapter of Ben Hur, when he is ridiculed on the street, becoming a slave to being abducted. He was treated by whip and lived on a five year warship. The dark night, the greasy air, the whip lines, the tortures and the life of the underworld are described by Bekmambetov, though not really sharp and barbaric, but cover the force. Ben Hur’s survival mentality, in the frenetic and noisy of the sea, the ferocity of the war, had somewhat exerted the mighty power of Judar Ben Hur, who nourished life by Hateful and hungry to see the family again.

Although Ben Hur 2016 was not expected from the start, the film has not forgotten the “must have” philosophy of an epic movie, “You are confusing peace with freedom,” a mandarin. An ideal world, a “civilized, progressive, prosperous and stable world.”

Ben Hur also represents a slice of man’s change of consciousness, from his accidental encounter with Jesus (Rodrigo Santoro) when he gently admonishes: “Love your enemies,” but Judah reacted again. Until later, returning from the abyss of life, he changed his mind after seeing Jesus again. However, Ben Hur lacks a strong transformation to show the complexity of human psychology. In the last minutes, it seems that the scriptwriters and directors are rather timid when trying to convey a message of forgiveness. Viewers hear everything, but to shake and make a strong end in the mind, the film has not touched

The 2016 version was created to create a different perspective on Ben Hur, out of hatred, hatred for betrayal from the brother, the belief in human well-being. I am very impressed by the motto of writer John Ridley and director Timur Bekmambetov, who argue that the world is in a bloody battle, on the battlefield and on the invisible belief that people fight each other. To struggle for power and to express ourselves, but one thing we forget, altruism is the real throne.

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