“Logan” (2017) – An emotional farewell for Wolverine

Logan is a rare work in the current superhero movie storm, the most emotional film ever. Wolverine’s third solo movie and the X-Men’s X-Men series are different from their own brand and certainly longtime fans will enjoy this innovation because of the brutality. As well as the true nature of the characters in comics.

But even for those who have never been X-Men fans, Logan deserves to be an excellent film, surpassing the familiar formulas of the superhero genre instead of a harsh experience. Falls, violence, emotion and completely worth the time we spend on film.

Inspired by the story of Old Man Logan, the film sets the timeline in the not so distant future with a very similar backdrop. The mutant was almost extinct and only a few survived. These included an old, feeble Logan, and an X professor with an increasingly weakened mentality. Logan is no longer a true superhero as before, and now he has to work as normal humans to earn food and take care of Xavier. Even the two have a small dream: to save money to buy a boat, to live together peacefully in the ocean, where no one can affect their lives anymore. In the film, you will also learn that Charles’s ability is also growing increasingly old with age as Wolverine.

Part of the reason Logan is able to regulate the emotional circuit in the film is quite effective, thanks to the excellent interaction between Jackman and his co-star Stewart. Both actors have been with their complex roles for the last 17 years and somehow let us feel the haggard, austere on Logan’s face and Professor X. Hugh Jackman of course understands Exactly what Wolverine needs to convey in every Logan scene, whether it is compassion, regret or madness. Since he has been playing this character for so long, this could also be his second nature, making every action of Wolverine in the film a real hit.

For the X-Men fans who have followed Wolverine’s journey through nine films, it’s probably a complete end to their idol. Jackman’s great performance showed a tired and down-handed Logan version for the final movie. He is no longer an immortal superhero like before. Wolverine is also a hero but he can be defeated. Our hero now has to take care of an old man who is no longer lucid and can endanger mankind at any time. Whenever someone asks for help, the hero is too tired to protect and shield the underprivileged.

The weak one was none other than Laura (Dafne Keen), a great supporter of Wolverine coming out of Marvel comics. The fans of course know that this is the X-23, but for non-readers, she is also an interesting variant of Wolverine, a similar experiment with claw and bone Adamantium. Director James Mangold discovered an excellent chubby talent with a fierce performance, which almost made the audience forget about Jackman’s last time. Dafne Keen showed a very wild and pitiful Laura. She is trying to run away from her creators and she desperately needs Logan’s reluctance to succeed. How can they do that, the article will let you enjoy yourself.

Logan does not follow any superhero movie formula. Yes, the film has villains, but Wolverine’s greatest enemy is now age, disease and fate. Cities in the film are no longer leveled up in battles like previous superhero movies, the death effects in the film are not funny exaggerations. Logan’s foundation is still a relatively small scale action film, while James Mangold and Hugh Jackman attempt to direct the film further into the plot in a manner unlike any comic book adaptation. That makes Logan worthy of being the nominee for the best superhero movie of 2017, even of all time.

Although I do not want to mention too much, I have to say that with Logan’s final scene, I can not believe how Mangold and Jackman put so much passion into this wonderful movie. I have experienced a very emotional feeling for Jackman with this Oscar-winning performance, but it is also an end to Wolverine’s story.

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