What better time for your fitness practices

Have you set fitness plan for you like? I know there really busy you hardly set in the normal hours. With such people, only two options: Tap the morning before school / work or in the evening when Collectively the new. So at what time practice is better?

Benefits of the morning workout

What time practice will have its own effects. A study has shown that exercise in the morning is the best way to lower blood pressure and improve sleep.

Dr. Scott Collier Appalchian State University looked at the effects of exercise on blood pressure in humans. Together with two assistant Kimberly Fairbrother and Ben Cartner, he checked the charts of blood pressure and sleep of a group of men between the ages of 40-60. These people are classified into 3 workouts at different times of the day: 7 am, 1 pm and 7 pm (Time file ranged about 30 minutes).

The result is the collection are morning lowers blood pressure by 10%. And the remission will last throughout the day and not just a few minutes after practice. At night, they sleep deeply and for longer, not to mention their blood pressure can be reduced by up to 25% during sleep.

Results are lower on the time of 1pm and 7pm. Since then Dr. Collier concluded: “Without taking into account the physical benefits, when you exercise in the morning, it will be the best way to help you reduce your blood pressure and have better sleep.”

Or can understand, if you have problems such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension lack of sleep or exercise in the morning, it is a great solution for you.

What about the evening, why? What are the benefits of exercise as this time frame?

The benefits of exercise after work on

A study done by the Center for Clinical Research of the University of Chicago showed that the practice after going home from work will be beneficial for muscle and fitness process rather than the morning workout.

In the study, 40 healthy men aged 20-30 were divided into 5 groups. 4 groups were assigned to heavy exercises to turn the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, 5th group for … nothing.

Results showed that two kinds of steroid hormones, capable of stimulating muscle is endocrine and cortisol increased among men practicing the afternoon or evening. At the same time, the amount of sugar in the body of this group had also decreased relatively strong.

Orfeu Buxton Ph.D., head of research, said: “There are signs that your body is better adapted to the regular exercise immediately after a working day, on this point, the morning workout unlikely ice”.


John Trowe, head of training at the British athletics team, said most of the top athletes often train is operating techniques and weight training in the morning between 4 and 6 pm. However, he also stressed that this training schedule does not fit everyone.

“For some people it feels better in the morning workout. Therefore, training schedule depends on each person. “

So if you are trying to find time to exercise is best for you then go back to the question you set to do?

What time practice: light or dark have its own effects. If the goal of the brothers is to improve the cardiovascular health and quality of sleep, the morning is a perfect time to workout. However, if you aim to build 6 pack or lose weight, or reduce the risk of diabetes, you should consider more than just training in the afternoon or evening, even after a day of persistent work.

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