Fantastic Four (2015) – A Super Heroes disaster movie

Fanstatic Four will no doubt hold the position of the worst superhero movie this year. Not exactly, is the worst superhero film of many years, this decade. Ignoring John Trank’s complaints, what I do not understand is why producers and Fox can ignore the quality of the disaster. What do they believe in this latest version, which does not have a bright spot to become successful?

If you have to talk about the issue, there are too many problems with Marvel’s first superhero gatherings in this section. From a naive script as if written by third grade children. From the narrative, cut scenes, arrange amateurs very amateur. From the fact that the actors are totally out of character. From the whole movie is a zero figure, no texture, no contradiction, no climax, no character development, no action or soul action. left. Fanstatic Four has made so many unacceptable mistakes whether in the role of director or screenwriter, so as to be able to at least make a “watch” movie at the present time.

The beginning of the film was Reed and Ben at school, both of them boys. And Reed talked about the idea of ​​moving matter through space. After the initial test failed, causing the whole neighborhood to lose power (there is no scientific film no power outages?), The time to jump to the present, at the school science fair. Reed is targeted at a government program that seeks to bring people to “strange space” to exploit resources there. Here, he meets Victor, a young genius, and two sisters Suzan and John, working together to complete the project.

I understand that this time around, the movie wants to go back to the beginning and show how members achieve their capabilities. And John and his associates have done it too long. The strange thing is that despite spending so much time, the first 60 minutes have passed, nothing really happened. The link between the characters is extremely blurry, with the meaningless backward dialogue that does not come true. In one scene, Reed and Susan are in the library, supposed to connect the two, but nothing more than a quick welcome. In another scene, Victor is jealous and calls Reed up for “talk”, and then quickly drifts off. The failure of a movie set is when it does not create “team atmosphere” and interaction among members. Remember the Avengers, though they are all big ones, but when they’re together, they get interesting and connected. In F4, there is even no linking concept.

Very slow in unnecessary scenes, but when needed, John (or Fox) push things too fast, with the words “one year later”, “seven years later” meaningless. The film struggles to create contradictions, in which Reed escapes, or when Victor is left, but not convincingly but extremely fragmented. Then there is no resolve to resolve it. One does not understand why Victor has such deep hatred and ready to hand out to the teacher that he (looks) dear. The rest of the people accept everything too fast without that bit of it.

When selling the F4 license to Fox, Marvel included the clause that if within 7 years without making a related film, the copyright will be returned. Fox will never let that happen, although the Fanstatic Four brand is clearly not big. Why? Not only because the F4 is the oldest superhero set (launched in 1961) with a lot of stories exploited in comics can use, but also because F4 really has the potential to succeed. For example, this film, can look at many points can be exploited. Psychologically and emotionally, Ben is the most traumatized character who loses his old form, and comes from an unhappy family. You can become the main emotional substance of the film. Or as Victor, with equally tragic biography, the source of his great hatred for the world. And how to start with the motif “from you enemies” that many directions go? Or two sisters Suzan-John, no longer sisters, what problems? Everything falls into oblivion.

But even if they want to make a “flat” action movie, at least focus on action. Fields in F4, if there really is a scene other than the last scene, extremely extremely boring. The main attraction is the ability of the members, how they get used to it, how they use it in battle, and how they coordinate with each other, is never shown. Is it possible that when Victor wakes up and starts killing, it is the scene that lifts the spirit a little, and then extinguishes it with the mimicry of the “destroying tower” used a thousand times. In Avengers or Man of Steel. But even Loki also had to work hard to make it, and Doom? Waving is done? And there is no strong correlation of power that convinced the F4 to beat Doom so easily. I have to reiterate that the action scenes look as if the kids think.

The rest is a long series of discrete scenes, patchwork, candles. Like Suzan’s words, “a mold,” nothing in this film is natural or creative, not a pure cast from a two-hour rush. I do not want to say more about this new cast, as everyone knows, is the biggest mistake of the mistake that Fox has brought to the cinema. Some of them are very talented people, like Miles Teller (Whiplash) and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot).

The last thing I do not understand is, what happened to $ 122 million?

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