“Once” (2000) – Music forever belong to love

I remember “Llywen Davis” (sorry for mentioning the name again, perhaps the Coens Brothers movie renders to me more than I thought), he ran to every door to find a way out for his passion , passionate things he always denied, he has always considered his work as it is for the money, because a living. From there I refer to the story of film director John Carney’s Once when singer songwriter street and she got to enjoy the moment he gave 10 cents singing, he repeatedly hit it with content from 10 cents the irony, she asked, “so you do it for the money”? Is that true? Let me write about the film is simple and beautiful, one night near the end of summer, when a girl had wanted to drop my hands for the kite is flying away in vain under the wind.

I always believed, we met on this life is not only arranged by fate, but it is bound together by fate, the strange affinity connections if a closer look deeply and I will find it, why we met, why they had come together, to create a story so adorable in the movie Once. As a beautiful day, like every other evening, on the shopping street was crowded crossing, singer knows that no one interested in the street listening to music at the moment, to be able to give him money, he singing his song writing, a sad song, distressed about love, a tear not only in his thick band, which in the face expression, the higher segment is attached to express extreme pain , how Steel Heart song “She’s gone” that. Meanwhile, only those who share the emotion, sensitivity of melody and tune comes from the soul to understand, the girl has a broken vacuum cleaner was the same. He sang Listen attentively, placed camera as her eyes, so we share the emotions when looking at the singer is using music tells of his love story. They know each other so, because a certain girl walked away, leaving lovesick guy writing a song full of anguish to another girl felt that the girl has a broken vacuum cleaner, and it incidentally, is a singer he vacuum cleaner repairman at times he did not go busking on the streets.

I do not want to call people like singer busking is an artist, because if you stick to the word, I naturally feel lost their normal life, simple life that they pursue, not for art, but for the students a big way, simply passion, passion is chasing, and find that passion in your own life. It’s true for Davis, and I also think Davis when he only thought about what his art is pursued only to feed itself alone, at least he said so, at least I believe that we should not assigned them honors artists sometimes very frivolous life. Because they themselves are only those who are in pursuit of happiness, rain for a peace with love, with passion only.

Vacuum à coincidence, they also feel the same, see the beauty of each other, and talk to each other is surely not accidental. When we share the same interests, or tell a grand passion, they can find each other on the tune is understandable. As Roger Ebert once said something like, go get a wife can watch the movies you like, otherwise it will soon give each other, sort of. Because to go on a road, on the way the contract is not necessary, but the similarity of some things that our hearts wide open and full of love life is the best thing to have. I’m not saying the girl has a vacuum cleaner and singer will be a couple, I just want to emphasize that, they go together in the journey is the grace Once fully sown.

Using a hidden camera, Once out how a documentary is made, the natural angle, the camera is placed away from the long lens to avoid public places people pay attention, not fussy sometimes somewhat ignored astonishment, not nine-layout placement. Therefore, the contours of the film becomes more rustic and casual, it conjugates with two poor character, austere, petty jobs to earn money to feed themselves and their families, for they have only the most valuable thing is the love for music. She also fin, is father to teach, she can play the piano, too poor for an expensive piano, she would like to play the piano in a musical instrument store you 1 hour a day on the hour no guests. The music, the only thing that exists from this century through another century, heal the human heart, take us into a world where all suffering and sadness as well as joy became happy and turn into the same class tunes. where we find our true nature, a nature enthusiast life. Look how girls like melody in a music CD of singer, but no words, she sat painstakingly listen and find words for it, is a beautiful moment in the room a bit dark and poor, then pin of players out, she ran away and pick up coins to buy batteries to finish his work. The song “if you want me” was born, a simple combination of words and music perfectly, the two lonely souls in the capital city bittersweet Dubliners by James Joyce and full color.

Slowly like a great song of the film “Falling Slowly” they fell into each other, cherish and respect each other because together such a bridge. music, sound born out hearts, from a broken heart, from the heart can not take into prose. He recently wrote the singer, has just reviewed the video of an old love is gone his heart rate should be smaller, the new lyrics contained a profound sadness to touch the hearts of people, to find peace in the broken main was happening to me. The girl playing the piano, singing and crying, she thought about her husband who was in the Czech Republic, a person does not want to live with her to Dublin, so she supports his elderly mother and young daughter. They are lost souls, but they are not empty, they are full of love for music, for each other. that is not the kind of love between men and women to give each endless passionate kiss, the love of the kindred of the soul, the love of friends in particular, by exchanging affectionate kiss on the cheek dear and full of respect.

Roll the film so I went into self-composed songs of singer, sweep us into a deep love affair, a short journey away together of two lonely souls, found at each hub wire firmly united by music. then together, they make products and sell authentic music professionally for his main passion. Perhaps he will grow next singer music career when he moved to Always supervise, or perhaps he will run urge to run large in the capital, the place does not lack talent, but opportunity is not much. Both are overlooking a road for themselves, they are not for each other, they are together to jointly create the value of life, to the days when they are no longer serial together anymore, they are motivated great to continue to improve ourselves.

is represented by two amateur actors, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, but it exudes an amateur honesty impressed, they blend together and create a special connection for music delivery, to but since the film both decided to stop acting career to focus on music, they last a music album, and received Oscar for the song “Falling Slowly”. A food ideas came out from the role in real life.

Perhaps with great music, a simple story, rustic and true made-loved films really. Bob Dylan did not like that too loved film starring the duo invited to open for his show. cinema sometimes so simple, it simply makes you breathless because of the beauty, it passed to those who worked as inspiration to create their own works without expensive, sophisticated. Beauty becomes prominent and most glamorous as it is made up of simplicity of life, from the soul and love. John Carney was filmed in just 17 days, borrow a friend’s house in order to reduce the budget, and he sat in a draft story CAFO within 5 minutes based on nostalgia lovers are in London. All these things are so beautiful, right?

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