MadMax: The Fury Road – a thrilling movie

It was not the first action film that I had to stretch my eyes and eyes to watch every minute of the drama, to catch up with the rhythm of the movie, this was the first action movie that made me cry at the last minute. Anyone, I assure you that anyone who watches the movie will have to admire, admire that the film is so good, too dramatic (the episode, the rhythm, the content, the surprise, the meaning behind and even the different thoughts the film gives viewers). As expected of a movie that the director must spend 10 years to do !!! Breaking up non-depth-action market action movies like Fast and Furious, Transformer both in terms of action (the magnificence of action sequences – truthfulness and drama) and the content, plot . The film won 99 awards in the US and worldwide.
Resource scarcity alert – Monopoly – Foolishness – Weakness
The film begins with a tribe of people who are ruled by the Immortal Joe – white face, wearing a tube (which I guess is to feed him). This country adores him like a god because he holds in his hands something far more precious than anything. That is the water! He only opened a little water for those lowly people below when he needed his exhortation.

Watching this paragraph, I thought, “Then how about people in this country who are stupid, how can you worship an old man who is immortal?” infinity.
Water – a thing that exists around us every hour of the day, wants so much, so being driven, controlled, and living like a slave by lack of water is a ridiculous fantasy. But wait, laugh, reports of rapid water shortages around the world are appearing with increasing frequency. According to the report of the world in 2025, there will be two thirds of countries in the world (ie 35% of the world population) fall into water shortage. The spectacle in this country will probably happen in reality soon!
Immortal Joe is like a monopoly company in the hands of raw materials and obviously so he has a voice to dominate everything.

That day is the day he brought the fuel parts to the Gas Station (mia, this man also holds the gasoline, do not ask why immortal). The army was led by the warrior Furiosa – the only female character who was the warrior of Joe Immortal’s army. When he discovered that Furiosa did not go to the gas station, but led the army and the fuel tank (tanks) to the east, he panickedly ran to find his wives – whom he and his servants called the Birth Machine .. Furiosa led the wives to flee with the words written on the wall, on the floor
At first, I felt uncomfortable because of a land where many people were ruled by an old man who died. But looking at the way he left, he knew Joe was a brave warrior. The talent of this old man is to make people around him die and die to be assisted (let the army breathe something, pump blood to feed them full). His army worshiped him who came to sleep late (the stupid policy). Smart, brave than the idiots around, no wonder immortal !!

The context of the movie opening is not bright and not for the weak souls. Imagine if you lived in this scene, being dominated, injustice, being controlled – not being free, it would be horrible.
Although I am a feminist advocate, but watching some of Joe’s wives at the beginning of the film is annoying because of her weakness as a lady. Different from a heaven and a brave warrior Furiosa – the only girl who has a foothold in the land of injustice and ghosts! Because she was simply strong – no one could catch her and she was smart.
Courage – The most powerful warrior
The journey to the Green – the promised land with Furiosa must go through two large tribes – is equally barbaric and at the same time confronting Joe’s army closely behind him. Journey for brave warriors only. Those who are bravely brave and courageous will have the strength to overcome them all. Maybe I don’t have to talk too much about the resilience of Furiosa, Max or even Nux and his wives of Joe (after going through a lot of things, it’s much stronger – the movie progresses very well). There are two sentences that fit this situation very well.
Want strength. It was simple. Is to be discharged, suffered loss (No pain, no gain). Perhaps Furiosa lost an arm because of the times she fled before or maybe in a certain war. Max was also injured himself, but it didn’t matter to him because he had a goal ahead and accepted to sacrifice.
Sacrifice – The price of freedom
Life is not all pink. To get something, you have to sacrifice something commensurate with it.

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