Exercise of the “Spiderman”

Simple but effective, this exercise will practice durability for the core muscles (core muscles), causing the body to excitement, and prepare for your body in the best state for heavy exercises.

Several other boot exercises can help keep you healthy and ready for the heavy exercises. However, each exercise will have a different function, may increase or decrease fat fitness. Meanwhile, exercises ‘Spiderman’ subsume both on performance.
Exercise ‘Spiderman’ looks extremely simple fall, but contains a complex series of requirements for your body, including muscle strength, toughness, cohesion between the engine and the challenges posed cognitive stimulation can even develop your brainpower part.
Recommendation: should set homework ‘Spiderman’ not exceeding once a week, as part strong start or to finish a pushup.
– Find an open area of 10 to 20 meters. A yard can be an ideal location, but you can also set in the aerobics room.
– In preparation posture of the pushup. Start by lowering at about 4 inches above the floor. Two elbow close to each other to create the right corner.
– Stepping into the navel and withstand waves, do not stretch the abdominal muscles too. The goal is to balance the mechanical core, but do not put pressure on the abdominal muscle on when not needed.
– Hold with one hand while the other hand you are with up. When you are with your hands up, raise the opposite knee as close to the elbow on the same side as possible.
– To maintain the uniformity of the hips. Keep hips off the ground always a constant distance. Do not let the hip is lowered or rotated.
– Keep the vision in front of about 1 foot. Do not stretch your neck too strong. If neck pain, upper tongue on the palate, this will help relieve muscle pain in the neck.
– If you need a break halfway. Lower knee down and then stay until recharge.
– Cows in about 20m. Short breaks between each quarter. if your site is only about 10 meters set, crawl back and forth to full length 20m.
– The professional athletes can train with more weights on his back (Richardsin piggyback question his son on his back 6 per set). Add weights to be made stronger muscle contraction, deeper, and more dense, the body will be able to grow larger and stronger.

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