IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE – A precise explanation

There’s some nights I went out to the theater for the movies. It’s such a cold my ears and nose. My sweater coats with fur inside, but also feel warm enough even though I am a pretty good cold tolerance. 

Then I returned to my house roof, and cold room because the door was leaking, heating is not enabled, no hot water. I crouched like a snail on the sofa, pale sky of a winter night skies, as if somewhere in the horizon that’s going on fire. I am quiet, resting in the brain long wires, the wires thoughts crept into everything that I know. It was a great feeling, my empty room, huddled in the cold air heavy clothes, get into the music, the music of his soul, the music of Pink Floyd. And I thought of “In the Mood for Love” by Wong Kar Wai. A long time ago I do not see the film with a strange way with the lonely soul, who nestles inside smile always on his lips, who went into the night with the breathtaking surrounds of thoughts, ideas. I review.

In the nakedness of the body, the soul naked lonely, repressed emotions to themselves increasingly fierce outburst not out, the film was once again touched my heart as if I was in the shower alone in a hot tub, all pores broad, smooth blood vessels. A Hong Kong movie Guangzhou speak a language that is quite annoying to hear, the film is a ship – the country where hate more than love, shit, so that to keep getting it enchanting, such as candy bars flowers indeed.

The film is about two lonely hearts, two souls have their own families, but especially the wife of the man (Tony Leung) and the husband of the woman (Maggie Cheung) never frontally appear on camera or maybe just a brief look back, or at angles where voice hallway outside expectations. Both films almost every scene that just two people. Two souls discovered that he was being cheated because her husband (wife) adultery, they continued to live in the wrong reverse 2 to adjacent room in the extreme loneliness, loneliness and sadness permeated in the bud Chau laugh (Tony Leung), in the evening to buy porridge to eat alone because her husband’s business trip Tran (Maggie Cheung).

Life itself, so, although in all circumstances they would never escape from loneliness, it attaches to human than the ego, it is the smell of cigarette smoke in the body renders, renders much air as possible to do with body odor, can not shake off, unable to extricate. Scenes in their films very expensive Vuong, simple scenes, in a house that is almost always the dominant order is covered by homeowners but laugh every frame are haunting loneliness, and scenes foreign, beside the walls of houses, sky or rain, they stood alone or they talk to each other, the story itself jerkily, and strained, 2 lonely eyes to understand each other without looking into each other’s eyes.

Is 2 hearts so, were hurt in the original side by side with good thoughts as a friendship is an emotion in the morning that Ms. Chen said: “We are not like them”, whether in their falls in love, despite the emotion that we the viewers fully understand and sympathize, because we stand in another frame of reference, we are like the stars are watching their fate as the angel was looking at the life of George Bailey (the main character in the movie It’s a Wonderful life). But people who live on my block with them, never understand, and they must keep themselves away from vacation, things sound, they live their life, but under pressure of another life, a common feature in oriental societies. A community life was really warm and full of grip but share all personal freedom, all decisions affecting their own.

I glanced to my family, I like a stray child when outside the home society but must always be in a mold from which my parents can avoid the language of neighboring neighbors Ropes, pliers me from the freedom to stand in the way of presence in a department community life. This is to see of course they fell in love. And the “mood” (mood) of them when they moved from a soulmate to love beautiful and deep sadness punch, and even if they did love each other, but the old-fashioned constraints that prevent them from coming back together, they are sneaky like doing things wrong. They suffer because the husband (wife) his infidelity a pain because they have repressed feelings to each other ten, they just want to look at them together, just trying to find ways separated, Chau is a man anyway ability to remain stronger autonomy, he decide for her feelings, but Chen was different, as an Asian woman indeed, bound in the old-fashioned religion of Confucius about the woman, her never dare to get out of his own destiny. Asian female impersonator scene when her husband Tran Tran sit and eat together and asked if her husband is having an affair not. That segment is really pity, compassion for the destiny of women always on the less than men, injured a frail woman could not go beyond his destiny shadow projection. She heard her talking about Ton host her many evenings out, she was scared and alone came to Guangzhou again.

Sadness permeated itself as blinding smoke on the desk of the World, while 2 persons stay long half life writing stories on newspapers, in the rain, in a narrow hallway, on the stairs crowded, full of sadness everywhere and alone. As if that space is sealed and isolated despite the screams that it would not be hard to get out from the laughter of the home, get out of the narrow stairs, out of the shadow of the two kissing heart . Loneliness thick and covered in every statement it makes things become vague and weak. And in a space such films of Nat King Cole music resound throughout the film spread like smoke, creeping into every nook and cranny, every deep. Voice and music of Nat King Cole’s “mood” of the film, is the soul of the film.

What mood that though few lines, though the cut-scenes footage and much shorter but who see it are understood, and are bitter heart. The so bitter heart like seeing the sad beauty to pass out, painfully sad, sad as can sometimes do when we encounter in particular is what this mood, the film’s critical mind, the voice of Nat King Cole, minimalist narrative voice of Wong Kar Wai. Sorrow is forever the eternal beauty of life, but to carry a label bearing the sorrow in a certain mood of emotion then make only the surname Wang. He was brought from deep sadness to the surface and show it for more than 90 minutes from two Hong Kong film actor Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung. What if the King knew the sadness that express language cinema is represented by Murakami literary language, the sadness that anyone will see it as his.

The staging, camera angles, lighting, color was Wong Kar Wai and cinematographer Christopher Doyle good show that, for every frame as the characters are saying instead of words, each frame is a line of dialogue is to hide of sadness and loneliness. Each frame when we stop it, we will get a beautiful picture, haunting and very erotic. Along with Happy Together and Chungking Express, In the Mood for Love Their King has created a dramatic trilogy about love, an emotion that no one can avoid, that emotion when it comes to estate What an heart, it also brings extreme happiness and extreme pain. Humans, without love, perhaps it is difficult to understand what is happiness, it will be difficult to feel the feeling of great sorrow, as if, in this life no longer any meaning any more lives.

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  1. that, allow me reveal to you what exactly did do the job. Your auhnoritg can be very engaging and that is probably the reason why I am taking the effort to comment. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. 2nd, while I can see the leaps in logic you make, I am not really sure of exactly how you seem to connect your ideas which in turn help to make the final result. For the moment I shall yield to your point but trust in the near future you connect the dots better.

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