The Fate Of The Furious (2017) – Glamorous, glittering and that’s all!

While the movie “Jaw” was released in the summer of 1975, the term “summer blockbuster” was applied to the entire movie world. This term is used to refer to a well-known and famously “product” of movie, which achieves a lot of success. Born in the entertainment industry, originally from the “blockbuster” was applied in the theater with musicals. However, to me, it seems that cinema is going into a dead end, a dark dead end called “profit” no way out. As mentioned, the term blockbuster was originally born to talk about the scale of content, the plot. But now the term is so misleading that, when it comes to blockbuster movies, audiences are mostly just visualizing the movie with action and CGI elements. Abused throughout the scenes. Or because the audience has forgotten the basic spiritual value of cinema, or cinema world is now only interested in the direct material value that profits bring.

The Fast and The Furious has been a well-known film franchise since 2001. Over the past 16 years at the hands of five directors, the brand has become the “golden egg” of the producer. So it would not be surprising if the series would continue until it could not be profitable. But at the moment, when the series is still profitable, the sequels are still in production. No matter the quality of the script, raising the screen or building a solid storyline, The Fast and the Furious is based on only three available formulas: Cars, Famous Cast, Monster. And also because of those 3 factors, the 8th episode of the movie, like a stinky pot of melancholy, a straight punch mercilessly into the billion dollar value of the film series.

The plot of the 8th section is so well constructed that it does not need to be seen to guess the ending. Like the typical action movies, when the protagonist (Dominic Toretto) is “reforming” or “washing hands”, the edge of the social scene, find a life peaceful. But then a destructive event takes place in the world, and the protagonist must come back to rescue the world reluctantly.

The Fast and Furious series is always about the family atmosphere, from people who come from street racing. Dramatic sprinklers in the beginning of the film with racing cars, classic cars, bikini girls on the Havana coast – Cuba. Keeping up with the spirit of the first part, everything between streetcars was solved by a race, Dom and another bloody side of the beach appealed to the audience with a glamorous race at the beginning of the film. With his new wife, Letty, Dom wins. Dom’s life thoughts will be peaceful, but the troubles from the previous parts have come back to him and forced him to betray his family.

Still a muscular, drooping cast composed of Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), Jason Statham, Luke Evans, Michelle Rodriguez … Not only racing, but fighting action is also invested. , So that the most magnificent. Not investing too much into the script made not only the content of the film empty of content, but also made the lines become silly. As Letty hugged Dom and said, I know I love you, made me laugh out of ungrateful and meaningless. It seems that just in the footage, the new filmmakers remember the movie not just the male cast, so they tried to stuff a dialogue to make sure the actresses still had the land. Cramming too many stars into a movie made the film a “pot of potter” as each actor tried to get a little land for himself. As actor Luke Evans, he just had not even arrived. 1 minute to act, so what will you do? It is awkward.

Never before has Vin Diezel’s or Dwayne Johnson’s performances been praised. It seems like the two actors have nothing else to show off their muscles, fight them, make cool. Even the supporting role of Vin Diezel in the movie Saving Private Ryan (1998), also brought more emotion and excellence than all he shows in the Fast and the Furious series combined.

If there is any praise for the film, just praise the monumental, glitter, explosion or fire like rain and car zombie car in this 8. And as soon as the movie world gets a better-known film franchise or Vin Diezel gets bored of racing and superficial films, the Fast and Furious series will continue into the sequel.

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