Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World (2012) (Review)

I remember how touched I was when watching the movie Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World in late December last year. Exactly a few days are until Dec. 21, the time of the Mayan Revelation. It was the worst days, I was overwhelmed in grief and depression. Nightmares appear in a rush, more and more real. But they appear at any rare time I can sleep, the rest of the night, I awake.

I’m not crazy about the end of the world. But to me, it has a meaning. Dreams, mostly meteorites fall into the earth, sometimes ruined after destruction, not as scary as the feeling they bring. Near-death feeling is the most horrible. The feeling of knowing that in just a few seconds I would die, as the heat was flowing, as the giant spheres fell slowly. I’m going to die, is real, dying. It’s so scrary.

But, frighteningly, it was a dream of a union. When my neighborhood was devastated by the meteorites, the house was crumbling and the road covered with lava. The hopeless survivors walk away, not knowing where. I’m sure, time is not much anymore, about a day as in the clip science I see, before the lava covered the whole earth. I looked around, and did not see anyone familiar. I cry. I returned home, trying to find a phone to call. Where is my house? Where’s my familiar neighborhood? Just the fiber. Why did everything become like this?

I did not find the phone, I just realized that there are also no waves that call. Friends, relatives, family, everyone is everywhere. I so alone. I look at the faces around, all the strangers. I scream, but no one cares. I never thought it was a dream until I woke up.

“Seeking a friend …”, a rather long name translated as “Find a friend for the end of the world”. I chose it as one of the best movies of 2012, although it was not really that good, or it was a good movie. Keira Knightley is so bad, the way it feels is always so sweet. Steve Carell plays the middle-aged, sad and unhappy middle-aged man. The script is simple, not slick, complicated, climax, no big scene, suitable for a low budget movie. If fair, this is an average movie. The biggest inspiration I have for the songs is very well used, both the selected song and background music are composed by Rob Simonsen and Jonathan Sadoff.

But if there really was an end to the world, I would choose this is the last movie I watched.

A comedy, but all the humor of it is sad, and true. I appreciate the sincerity of human psychology, what happened one evening, Radio reported that the whole world has only two weeks to live. Dodge’s wife, the protagonist, immediately left him to go to the mistress, no longer hiding. It was as if the apocalypse was not bad enough for him. Trendy services appear on billboards glued around, there are two services put together. “Hire a assasin”: hire someone to kill you if you do not have the courage to commit suicide, and “Fuck a virgin” attached. Phone number: no need to explain.

I laugh, what’s worthwhile in Steve Carell’s comedy, is the sadness in the movie that makes people laugh, despite the heavy heart immediately after. A guy still passionate about Gym to keep fit. The director meets the staff to promote anyone who wants a place in the company, something that they usually crave. Who cares now? One of the guys is still busy pulling the car, breaking the rearview mirror and running too fast, while she is working hard and meeting Dogde next week … They are just bewildered, disoriented, trying to grab Reality before a huge event beyond their perception. The death, or death, is the same.

Of course, people will also frantically break up, leading to violence. Or try snatching opium, partying all night and having sex indiscriminately. That’s exactly what people will do.

Steve is an actor of loneliness. Every movie, maybe because his face and style fit this type of role. But I do not think there will be any more Steve movies than lonely. Dodge, his character, discovered his wife horned for a long time, depressed walked out on the street and took a dog friend. Dodge did not think of resuming relations with his father, single relatives. If you do not meet Penny, and get caught up in the quest to find the first love, Dodge will die without anyone around. Death with a wild dog, not a pet dog self-support. What’s more lonely?

With movies like this type of cruise, it is not smart to guess that eventually Dodge and Penny will love each other. The excuse of seeking the first love, that is, an excuse no more. They go a long way, and realize they need to be together for the coming death. They were in Dodge’s room, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. Penny scared, Dodge more calm. They talk about childhood, the smallest things, as if they should have met earlier, when they were young or at least some time in the past three years. While the world out there collapses.

Maybe Dodge should not waste time on an unhappy marriage. Penny should not have run after the men who treat her with nothing. Why do people always wait until the last minute to realize what is important, and to live true to themselves?

These were bad days, and the reason why I cried when watching the last scene, besides the background music that haunted “The Beach”, besides the near-death feeling I could feel very clearly from the two characters, Is this absurdity. In just a few days, I can live on, I can die, and the truth is that the end of the world is gone, not the main thing. I do not know what I’m looking for. If I die, all my regret about what has not been done and can not be done, the months of living, the fear of familiar things have changed, the world changes, I have suffered from dreams. But if I live on, I do not know what to expect.

Sometimes, I feel more scared if the end of the world does not happen. And the next year comes again. If it is a year of failure and boredom to this extent. Let me sink into the constant suffering. I do not know what I need in it.

I look at Dodge, why he is so calm before dying. As simple as Penny says, they save each other. They die a lifetime, to live a few real days. Dodge is no longer lonely. Anyone who has someone who is willing to be with them unconditionally, when they die or die with them, is not a loner. It’s not a terrible thing to end Dodge’s life. Righteousness is exactly what saves him, opening his life for him.

The human soul is strange to me, even to myself. The more we grow older, the more we become strangers to relationships, the more complex they are, including how they are connected, how people interact and play a role. What do we need in those sparks, the rare warm spark when we are close together? Friendship, love, human affection, knowing that we will never understand each other to the very end and touching each other to the very end, trusting one another to the very end and coming out of the thought that this life is forever.

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