Gonzalo Higuain – The man knows how to stand up from the pain

In the summer of 2015, Gonzalo Higuaín appeared in the newspapers with a scandal about the fighting on the coast of Ibiza. He crashed into an altercation with a fan just because a sarcastic question: “You did not even know how to shoot the penalties.”

These words have swung right into El Pipita’s pain of missing penalty shot in the final Copa America. Higuain’s reaction as a result of the date squashed by public opinion, and a man in his corner.
Nicolas, brother Gonzalo, disclosed that her brother is an introvert. Napoli coach Sarri Maurizo each comment Higuain is also a sentimental person.

Maybe El Pipita’s personality that makes him unable to become a great player. The shot missed the decisive moment that Higuain became the scapegoat for criticism. Messi finished second three consecutive years with Argentina Tel. Higuain hurt more than that, he had three failed attempts on spot-outs.
Italian Super Cup match late last year is the 3rd Higuain has gone through a bitter taste following gunfight screen. And maybe, saying fans on the coast of Ibiza guy again echoing in my head like a chorus Higuain accursed.
But El Pipita never give up so easily. A man who fought hard to compete in the main stone Real Madrid interest certainly not an easy defeat.
After cursing from the Napoli fans, he coolly finish off his former team with a goal in the last minute. And after defeat at AC Milan on Wednesday, he scored a double to help Juventus Bologna through setting a record in Serie A with 26 games unbeaten at home.
Maybe nobody will notice that reasonable performance? For many, Gonzalo Higuain will forever be the reason for the tears of Messi or hatred of the Napoli supporters.
Perhaps the only way to find joy El Pipita is our best to win it.
And his bitter words before leaving for Real again involuntarily out: “No one can tell me anything. I had to fight for everything” …

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