Origins (Dan Brown): the most interesting adventure book I’ve ever read!

Origins is the fifth book in the series of detective novels – the most exciting adventure I’ve ever read with a central figure as the symbolic professor Robert Langdon from Harvard University.

This series has been written since 2000 with Angels & Demons but then only sold a few tens of thousands of copies before the phenomenon of The Da Vinci Code (Da Vinci Code) was born later. And to say the Source – a book of more than 700 pages of Spanish architecture, physics, computer engineering, theory of evolution, plus gay love is extremely beautiful …

The latest adventure of Professor Robert Langdon named Source of Origin continues to witness the shaky of religion, before the challenge from the genius billionaire Edmond Kirsch (also his former student).

In the Spanish context
In the latest journey of the Origin, you will follow Professor Langdon to Spain, a country that not only owns rich teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid but also contains a background. Roman Catholic culture and history are strongly connected.

A country with 46 world heritage sites, ranked third after Italy and China, of which many are appearing as the background for this book.

Edmond Kirch is a futurist, a computer genius, a young billionaire famous worldwide not only for his ability in the field of information science, predicting the future but also thanks to the speech. and religious discourse.

Edmond was one of Professor Langdon’s first batch of students 20 years ago. He invited his former teacher to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to witness his former student publish a scientific discovery described as “going to change the face of technology forever, smashing many religious foundations.” on the world”.

The presentation will shed light on two questions about human nature: “Where are we from” and “Where are we going”.

The event that took place among hundreds of guests suddenly became a chaos. Edmond was shot while speaking. The man behind the assassination claiming to be the “Regent Regent”, a mysterious powerful figure seems to be in the ranks of the Spanish Royal Family.
In order to protect the achievements of the short-lived student, Langdon directly cooperated with Ambra Vidal, director of the Guggenheim museum and also the future queen of Spain.

Both received the help of Winston – an artificial intelligence (AI) programmed by Edmond – to flee Bilbao. They embark on a journey to find Edmond’s 47-character password to gain access to his computer, thereby reactivating the video of his great discovery speech to the whole world. world know.

The content of the book revolves around answering two key questions about human nature, the ideas of Edmond’s discovery will have to be very shocking, about the same scale as proving that the Earth or the Sun is the center. Unfortunately, the answer given by Edmond doesn’t seem to meet my expectations.

Regarding the question “Where do we come from?”, The answer to this question is actually not new. This is a lecture that has been around for more than 50 years, and everyone who notices technical issues is more or less hearing the name of the experiment.

And the answer to the second question “Where are we going?” Is relatively simple, not convincing enough.

Characters are not very special.
The usual motive for Dan Brown’s previous books is to always start with a death to shock the original reader. After that the action is pushed up gradually, each chapter always has knots that attract attention and surprises.

More than 100 first pages of Origin are used primarily by the author to build the context and content of the story. This makes the story long, unique with the amount of poison used to the story “race against time” as in “Angels and Demons” or “Da Vinci Code”.

However, a new feature compared to the previous editions made me excited. Instead of focusing on classical art with Leonardo Da Vinci and Botticelli, the book revolves around Frank Gehry’s modernist works, Antoni Gaudi, a topic that is not professional by Langdon …

Dan Brown is also extremely timeless when it comes to the list of Uber, AI and even Elon Musk or homosexual love.

Regarding the central character line, excluding Winston’s artificial intelligence and Edmond’s technical genius, the other characters, even the Langdon-Vidal couple I see author Dan also built quite faintly.

Langdon did not have many opportunities to demonstrate the knowledge in this booklet when Winston was preprogrammed with total intelligence perfect.

The female lead Vidal is nothing outstanding if not inferior to Langdon’s previous associates Vittoria and Sophie. She almost does everything only to follow the professor wandering everywhere.

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