“Lost in translation” (2003) –

“Lost in translation” had the opposite from its title. In a strange city, the men and a lady have found a similarity in their opponents, which they could not find in the alien city. Everyday life in the hometown

Tragedy in love is when two people lose the ability to talk to each other, but the most cruel is still not able to touch the sympathy with whom we accidentally meet in a strange place can listen, Share the heart of the heart, who has deviated from the orbit of time destiny. That person came too late, just to take a glimpse of life and leave a sad but unforgettable love affair. People whom we can fully believe that the same secret they will be past the more lively than ever.

Nothing is more ideal to find loneliness than a bustling crowded place. A sleepy Tokyo with neon lights of all colors, it is easy to let despair linger between hidden rooms, lofts or roadside bars. Wicked in the city, there is a movie star more than 50 are left to advertise, that is his job, and a girl only 20 are on vacation with her husband.

In this marvelous country, filled with opposition like Tokyo, Charlotte is feeling a panic in her life. What is she doing here? Does she know much about her husband? Meanwhile, in middle age, is a celebrity, Bob knows very well how to hide late in his boring marriage and career. We all know quite well that the top names who have lived so long in the spotlight will find it hard to give up their fame, even to make ads to make money. But in Bob there is still a little vibe, the only meaning that he is still a big star. The accidental encounter between Bob and Charlotte is an arrangement of loneliness, they talk together, drink, take a walk to explore the mysterious beauty of another culture, the strange mix between colors Brilliant color and calm.

Their adventures were at times in jeopardy, as there was no better word than ‘danger’ to talk about the empathic situation of the two who were likely to fall into adultery, as they confessed Personal fear, fear of life ahead, they also can not sleep like this city. In Tokyo’s disorganized disguise, when both of them lay in bed, no one touched them, their lips did not find each other, nor did they have intimacy far beyond the usual situation. Think about something bigger than sex, that is love. What if they had children together? Bob gently asked Charlotte. They are not just friends, but are they lovers? Or just a momentary sympathy? It may be as strange as the relationship between an older man and a girl who deserves her daughter’s age. Humorous but more than a satire for fate, ‘We should not come back here. Because this joy will not be possible again. ‘ Joy? They both feel able to hide their feelings in the other person safely. That is happiness. But this moment can not last, this passionate sensation should only stay here, in a private hotel in the heart of Tokyo. A quick glance, Bob’s face suddenly burst into despair almost to the point of depression of a helpless old man. But Charlotte is very right, she and Bob, they are responsible to keep this moment is forever, is unique.

Sofia Coppola is one of the rare female directors of the 20th and 21st centuries who resonated in the art film line, with a striking interior style characterized by the liberation of space. Coppola’s “Lost in translation” uses outdoor space for Bob and Charlotte to reach inner life. This is the liberation of her woman (Charlotte) out of the familiar boring space, even a bit negative in the environment they are living, to escape the normal sense of humor. In the movie, when Bob jokes with Charlotte about the plan to escape from the hotel, it’s not just a normal out-of-town trip, it’s a way for both of them to be honest and honest with their senses. Is lonely, empty.

I used to think that the movies about the love story on the left, the vibration of two people are not allowed to come together as attractive, like In The Mood For Love, The Bridges of Madison County. They are all very sexy. The way the director copied in his ear to see the sweet nectar, but then abandoned them witnessed farewell. Sofia Coppola, too, the way she did with “Lost in translation” was cruel. She put Bob (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) into a gentle, and at the same time, unsettled relationship. Bob and Charlotte were not able to come to a definitive end, but at the moment near the end of the film, when Bob chased Charlotte to say something in her ear, we could not know. Promise? Confession? Or goodbye … We can hear anything, and maybe, that’s what Bob is sure ‘We can not forget each other’

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