The Last Witch Hunter (2015) – The boring hunt

The Last Witch Hunter is a small film genre set in a big movie. $ 70 million in funding is not much, and it takes a lot of creativity to be able to exploit the themes of witchcraft and epics. What’s more, the film needs a clear scenario in the right direction: devote the energy to the action, or focus on exploring the psyche and taking the magic world as the background. Witch Hunter chose both, and that was a mistake.

Before the film’s release, director Breck Eisner said a lot about the film will revolve around the loneliness of an immortal. On how he has been lost over the centuries, losing loved ones. At first glance it sounds good, but to do so, it’s not just giving too many superfluous reminiscences like the Witch Hunter shows. Which needs character depth. The thing that Vin Diesel, never a highly rated actor in psychological acting, can not provide. He suits only one type of silent hero, little talk, little laugh, from xXx to Furious. He belongs to Wayner Johnson’s or Rocky’s muscular style, and even his face is worse than the other two.

When there is Diesel in the cast, Eisner should have chosen to spend all his energy and money on battle scenes. Take advantage of his punching. But he did not. Instead, it was a lengthy script with innocent, semi-detective conversations, not rush action like the promising trailer. Even, the fight scene with the monster shown in the trailer, was the most magnificent scene in the film. Most of the time viewers will hear explanations about all kinds of magic, their origins, their signs, but not very attractive. Unlike when I heard about magic at Hogwarts in Harry Potter. And wait forever the real “hunting sorcery” scene, as in Hansel & Gretel (2010), but never come.

Witch Hunter evoked Nicholas Cage’s disgusting publicity film about a few years ago the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Both can not hide the small size, though flicker the eyes of viewers with eye-catching effects. A small army of witches, conspiracy to “destroy the world” but simple and almost no impact on anyone, the battle is resolved quickly – neatly because there is no investment budget, the The hatred lasted hundreds of years but there was no epic feeling. But if the Apprentice had memorable characters and scenes, like the One Republic Serect song in the electric cage, the Witch Hunter did not take a moment to stir my emotions up a bit.

In addition to Vin Diesel’s failure to put emotional substance into the film, the rest of the crew did not help much either. Rose Leslie, similar to Emily Clarke, slips away as soon as she leaves Game Of Thrones. Both are unnatural and shy when they try to film, they do not eat the frame, do not understand why. And Elijah Wood has made a clear comeback for his career after Lord Of The Rings, with the ability to act as amateur. It’s also hard to blame Wood for being too fuzzy, with a total of less than 10 minutes appearing. Different from what we are waiting for a duo hunting comedy duo together with Diesel. The film brings an old twist while not having a hard time building a solid foundation.

Breck Eisner’s commendable effort has, in some ways, pushed the film’s duration up to 106 minutes. Although nothing really happened. But as a consequence, the film gets tougher. Michael Caine and his ipad advertising joke could not be saved. Thanks to that we can sympathize with the 800 years of Klauder’s status, while yawning yawning short for the movie to end.

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