After the bleak months of world cinema with the films made but can not be shown in special seasons because of medium quality as well as little investment, the blockbuster season began with the filming. Crest of The Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Impressive, intelligent, in-depth, and different, the film has done what many other Marvel comics have not done yet in the process of bringing comic-hero characters on screen.

Captain America / Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a warrior, representing the spirit of the United States, always wants peace for the country, the ideals he generates for generations to act as his guide. Initially a stubborn young man who wanted to join the army to fight the Nazis in the European battlefield, but could not because of inadequate health. He was selected for a special genetically modified program to create a super soldier, from which Captain America was born, originally merely depicted as a descriptive United States of peace, encouraging people. They are when their children are fighting in the distance. After that, he became a real hero, battling with a lot of tactics, courage and strength. But then he had been frozen for nearly 50 years, until the modern day where he was found, a legend still alive. That is the story of part 1: Captain America: The first Avenger.

The world has changed so much after all these years, Captain America is in the ice. Therefore, life in the second with the movie Captain America: THe Winter Soldier began with his integration with the new society. Learn about music, food, meet old acquaintances and relive a glorious time. Captain America still, he is still the ideal service to the people. That is why he always brings his spirit, leadership and extraordinary strength to ensure justice is implemented. Part two has done that, the psychology, ability and ideals of the Captain are more obvious than ever. A hero of the old era was in time and proved his ability.

After the rescue of the hostage from an offshore vessel, Natasha / Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) has stolen the classified material because of it, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) – The leader of SHIELD (intelligence agency responsible for international top-secret cases) was assassinated. High-ranking leaders, including Alexandre Pierce (Robert Redford), suspected Nick Fury had been abolished by hostile forces after supplying confidential documents to S.H.I.E.L.D. However, believe in his leader, who along with Captain America and Black Widow side by side with the aliens a few years ago. Steve Rogers / Captain America determined to find the truth. From there, the story unfolded with political tricks, and the reappearance of the name HYDRA, an organization in opposition to S.H.I.E.L.D, which had been destroyed in the previous film. At this time, a secret criminal has destroyed many of the spies SHIELD appeared under the name The winter soldier with the mysterious and the same power to Steve Rogers. Captain America has learned about the plot behind Nick Fury’s death, and has been fighting against the evil, so that he can actually prove himself at the most human level, something that a superhero usually does. To be ignored

As an action action movie, the battle screen is still immense, but it is modestly modulated so as not to cover up the multi-layered content and depth that the story brings. The mysteries are woven sequentially, then be peeled away not too soon nor too late. The hushes of everyday life Steve Rogers must integrate into it as a citizen of modern society are exploited subtle and reasonable stop. Steve Rogers meets his old girlfriend who is now old and sick, and goes to the museum where he became America’s legend during the Second World War, or his reminiscence of his past. Next to his best friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) …. The interweaving of the scenes along with the process of finding the truth, then the degree of agility increased and pushed up at high densities along with the revealed secrets brought real pleasure to the viewer. .

Action is an integral part of the blockbuster action movies in Captain America combined with the music performed by Henry Jackman, the composer of hit films such as The Dark Knight, X-Men: The First. Class has brought great excitement. Not so spectacularly exaggerated, as well as using many graphic techniques such as other superhero movies, sublimation moments with martial arts, eye-catching battles based on muscle strength and power. brave. Through which all the main characters have accomplished their roles excellently, especially Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow, Scarlett’s prominent acting has really brought a new breath with humor, Beautiful and cool part of an experienced and skilled agent.

Marvel, with his clever path to film distribution, connecting moviegoers and heroes to each other, has been increasingly perfected in the script and hit the viewer’s emotions. It’s that intelligence that makes the movies are always waiting anxiously waiting for the audience. Every story about a character that is always associated with previous films or later projects has made people curious, have to watch for it, have to learn and really always drowsy in the wait. Fatigue of the audience in every season.

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